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Club Penguin Rewritten News │Potential Wig Only Catalog, Summer Party Confirmed!

Greetings Fire Warriors

In this post I’ll be showing you what’s coming to the island and what are the exciting news for it! A maybe new catalog for the future and the summer party return. Click “Continue Reading” for the info! Continue reading

[EU] Team Cap vs Team Iron Man [RESULTS]

[Transmission Loaded]

After a hard battle, the two teams have concluded their fight. Team Iron Man, tasked with capturing Captain America, Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson back into custody, has successfully defeated the remaining Captain America sympathizers & brought them back to us. Congratulations Team Iron Man, you’ve done your country proud.

[End Transmission]

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[US] Vile, Villainous Villains! [RESULTS]

Good evening, Villains!

Today we logged on to Ascent on Club Penguin Rewritten to invade the island of Club Penguin, and we did so very successfully! No stinky heroes even TRIED to defend against us!

Max: 17

15 + 2 more that couldn’t load.

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Club Penguin Rewritten News │Mountain Expedition News, Prehistoric Party Release Date, Sled Racing Coming Back!

Greeting Fire Warriors

In this post, I’ll be showing you a series of news that just hit. Yesterday CPRewritten released a Community Post showing us some pretty interesting articles, and great peeks of what we could be seen on the island very soon! Click “Continue Reading” for the details. Continue reading

[AUSIA] New Uniform Celebrations! [RESULTS]

Hello, Warriors!

Today we logged on to Ascent – on Club Penguin Rewritten – to test out our new and snazzy uniforms! In incredibly short notice, we were able to reach a total of 14 Warriors online for this training event! Some pictures can be found below, and congratulations today!

Make sure to react in our event information channel for our upcoming Vile, Villainous Villains takeover!

Max: 14


For now, this looks like the only event picture we have. Will update if any more are found!

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[EU] Marvel Week: Hero Takeover [RESULTS]

What’s up Warriors?

With the Marvel week operating at full force, the first event of Marvel Week was a hero takeover where the warriors wore a specific uniform and marched on saving Club Penguin! The leaders instructed the warriors to log onto Ascent and made full use of the Iceberg, Stadium, and docks. 21 Warriors were able to log on for the event!

Max- 21

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Updated Fire Warriors Uniform: April 2021

With Club Penguin Rewritten’s latest catalog for the month of April releases (cheats on the newest catalog can be found here), the leadership decided to make some changes to the current Fire Warriors Uniform adding a new face item and a body item. Continue reading on how you can cop our new uniform! Continue reading

Club Penguin Rewritten News│April Catalog All Secrets

Greetings Fire Warriors

Today, Club Penguin Rewritten released the April Penguin Style Catalog. The Penguin Style is an iconic catalog on Club Penguin Rewritten, which contains all the latest clothing and lots of secrets! This page will walk through the catalog and explain all the cheats/guides.

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Notable Moments: 4/04 – 4/10

Hello Fire Warriors! In this new series of posts, I will be reviewing funny, important, or other notable moments that happened throughout the week, for new troops that trickle into the server. For this first post, I will start from April 1st, which held the most laughs since the beginning of this generation. Let’s dive right into this!

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[EU] Practice Battle vs. Rebel Penguin Federation [RESULTS]

Hey Fire Warriors!

Today we logged on to Ascent to battle our allies in the Rebel Penguin Federation. Although the battle itself was extremely laggy, we managed to max around 20 in the pre-battle. We need to work on our battle game, but aside from that congratulations today everybody!

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