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[EU] Operation: Octoplushy Overload [RESULTS]

Welcome Fire Warriors,
Today we logged on Ascent for our epic Octoplushy event, we wore our very cute Octopus plushies! Another very decent event where we led speedy tactics, upstanding bombs and form, and of course uwu tactics from cassie. This wonderful event has been VC led by our very dedicated staff! SemiproOdm and Hoax. Make sure to tell them a good job in chat!

Max: 18

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Club Penguin Rewritten News │Phaser HTML5 Support

Good Day Fire Warriors

Very recently, Club Penguin Rewritten has made a sponsor with Phaser HTML5 Game Framework. I’ll be going with details and explaining what this means! Click “Continue Reading” for info.

  • Phaser HTML5 X Club Penguin Rewritten

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Notable Moments [4/11 – 4/17]

Fire Warriors, glad to see you all again! With another weekend comes another Notable Moments! This last week was stressful, with the themed week of Marvel, from our first Heroes event to the major Team Iron Man vs Team Captain America battle we had on Saturday. Let’s reminisce on some moments that were significant.
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[EU] Operation: Monke Takeover [RESULTS]

Howdy Fire Warriors,
Yesterday we logged on to Ascent for our cool Monke Takeover where we wore our cute Monkey Costumes. We did amazingly well following the leaders for this event with speedy tactics and powerful formations, bombs, and a lot of funny monkey tactics. This wonderful event was led by a lot of our stunning and beloved HCOM and Leaders, who are Cassie, Conor, Austin, Pran, and Ugly! All did a phenomenal and splendid job leading this event!

Max: 17

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Warrior of the Week #4 – Lart Power

First & remost, I apologise for the wait ladies and gentlement. With the preparation of the Marvel week and reaching 1,000 members we’ve all been a little bit busy.

Hello Fire Warriors, after a very successful themed week and the crowning of Team Iron Man as the ultimate Marvel Champions, it only makes sense that a brand new Warrior of the Week is crowned today; and will also be resumed weekly.

Please continue reading to find out who won this prestigious award!

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Club Penguin Rewritten News │Potential Wig Only Catalog, Summer Party Confirmed!

Greetings Fire Warriors

In this post I’ll be showing you what’s coming to the island and what are the exciting news for it! A maybe new catalog for the future and the summer party return. Click “Continue Reading” for the info! Continue reading

To 1000


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[EU] Team Cap vs Team Iron Man [RESULTS]

[Transmission Loaded]

After a hard battle, the two teams have concluded their fight. Team Iron Man, tasked with capturing Captain America, Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson back into custody, has successfully defeated the remaining Captain America sympathizers & brought them back to us. Congratulations Team Iron Man, you’ve done your country proud.

[End Transmission]

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[US] Vile, Villainous Villains! [RESULTS]

Good evening, Villains!

Today we logged on to Ascent on Club Penguin Rewritten to invade the island of Club Penguin, and we did so very successfully! No stinky heroes even TRIED to defend against us!

Max: 17

15 + 2 more that couldn’t load.

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Club Penguin Rewritten News │Mountain Expedition News, Prehistoric Party Release Date, Sled Racing Coming Back!

Greeting Fire Warriors

In this post, I’ll be showing you a series of news that just hit. Yesterday CPRewritten released a Community Post showing us some pretty interesting articles, and great peeks of what we could be seen on the island very soon! Click “Continue Reading” for the details. Continue reading