If you saw someone on Club Penguin advertising us, you’ve come to the right place!


We are a Club Penguin group who do fun events, giveaways, game nights, and more! 



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Once you click the link and join the Discord server; you officially qualify as a Fire Warrior!


We are an official Club Penguin Army created and administered by avid Club Penguin Rewritten players!

My Side of the Story

warning: this post contains not-safe-for-work content & material, and if you are under the age of 18 you should not read this.

hello folks, this is certainly not the post I wanted to be the first post of 2021, but it is what it is, and I’ve been forced into a position where I need to defend myself.

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FWNC: #2 – Club Penguin Rewritten Enters Planned Maintenance

Northern Lights, Fire Warriors News Column – just mere hours ago, the Club Penguin Rewritten team has announced they are starting to transfer data from the Club Penguin Rewritten flash client, to the brand new HTML5 client! However, what does this mean and will there be any major game changes?

Note: there is already another post on the Fire Warriors website regarding this and it can be viewed here.

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My Official Response to UMA [LONG]


Protected: Leaked CPR Cheats!

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Introducing FWNC: #1 – Club Penguin Rewritten Transitions to HTML5

Northern Lights, Fire Warriors News Column – In a new segment on the Fire Warriors website, we will be going over events within the army or that concerns the army. Every week or so, a new continuation of the Fire Warriors News Column will be posted by a high command, starting with this week’s episode about the slow transition of Club Penguin Rewritten from their flash client, to their brand new HTML5 client.

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Humble Beginnings [RESULTS]

Hello Fire Warriors!

Today we logged on for my first event back in the Fire Warriors leadership. However, rather unfortunately, Discord was lagging throughout the entire event which meant a low max of 10 soldiers. This is perfectly okay by me, though! It just means there’s lots of room for improvement, and Ot_ter & I are perfectly okay doing whatever it takes to do right by you. Good job today everybody & I’m super proud of you.

Max: 10

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The Day of Fire

The Day of Fire is upon us


For too long, the Fire Warriors have been unsuccessful.

For too long, the Fire Warriors have had undedicated leaderships.

Today, I am pleased to announce that Ot_ter & myself will be leading the new and improved Fire Warriors.

We have been successful in the past, I have led SWAT to consistent sizes of 50-70, and Ot_ter has led Redemption Force to similar sizes. Now that we have joined together, the Fire Warriors will be the next big army.

For now, we focus on recruiting & having events. There will be changes in the coming months, the new website is only the start. We will be hiring High Command and Staff, to apply, direct message Ot_ter or Sweater.

From the ashes, rises the Fire Warriors

Stand by us, and feel the reward



~Sweater, Fire Warriors Commander-in-Chief



fiery troopers cpr

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