[AUSIA] Operation: Painted Face / Sea Serpents Practice Battle [RESULTS]

Hello Fire Warriors!

Today we went on our Operation: Painted Face! This was an amazing event as well such as yesterday’s event. We also battled the Sea Serpents led by our wonderful 3rd In Command, Darci! And wow we absolutely demolished the other army we couldn’t even SEA them! We are very proud of those who logged on and helped our army! This time we logged on to the server: Crystal and the room: Iceberg! Our troops were doing the tactics amazingly again. Our leaders for today’s event were Austin, Ugly, Simmonds2000If you see them in chat definitely go and thank them for this amazing lead from them! We had 16 TROOPS ONLINE! We are rising our way up and this is only the beginning! And for last big shoutout to Lart one of our staff members for making us a video of the event: https://youtu.be/Zt2CeA71tjw

MAX: 16

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[CPRewritten News] Music Jam Cruise Ship, Medivial Party Confirmed, Penguin Style Cover

What’s up Fire Warriors and CPRewritten Players?

Plenty of news are roaming around CPRewritten and there is a lot to cover. The summer deals for CPRewritten are less than a month away and we are getting a lot of sightings of what to expect in the game very soon. A lot has been confirmed and many things are coming back into the game from items of clothing to parties. But what exactly tho? Continue reading

[EU] Operation: Speed is key [RESULTS]

Hello Fire Warriors!

Today we went on our operation Speed is Key! We were faster than sonic with our tactics! We are very proud of all of those who attended. We logged on to our server Ascent and we started with the room Iceberg. We had an amazing event for today. Our troops were doing tactics so quick even Austin the kind of FRAUDS couldn’t scream at them. So amazing job from you guys! Our event leaders were AustinUglySimmonds2000If you see them in chat thank them for their amazing lead! We also maxed 18 troops online! WOW

MAX: 18

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Not able Mentos [6/7 – 6-13]

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[EU] Soldiers to Leaders U-Lead event [RESULTS]

Hey Fiery Warriors!

Today we logged on Abominable heating up and getting ready to command some tactics and emotes with our mighty troops this event! Our troops did a fantastic job leading and forming a lot of perfect forms and totally didn’t spam the chat while simultaneously trying to lead, tho we still had a fun event and got a lot of neat group pictures! We also maxed a total of 13 penguins online today, not bad!

Max: 13

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[CPRewritten News] Future Summer Parties, Minigames Developement, Puffles Update

Hey Fire Warriors and CPRewritten Players!

Recently this week, CPRewritten have made a community post announcing a bunch of things that will be arriving this summer along with many other updates and developments they talked about. Tho what will exactly arrive this summer? Continue reading

The Name Behind the Person: Mangoes

ROCKY ROAD, Pran’s Office: In the second edition of “The Name Behind the Person”, I will be criticizing mangoes, a troop also known as mantoes(ew), juice(this is true pls believe), and fruit (false). She claims to be iconic in the Fire Warriors, which I will determine to be false! I will uncover her TRUE nature, and expose the lies you have been fed.

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[EU] Impromptu battle Vs. Templars [RESULTS]

Hey Fire Warriors!

Today we logged on to our most infamous server Ascent! To what it was supposed to be a Find Four Tournament. We first started in the iceberg practicing with some tactics and heating up. Then a sudden change of events happened. We decided to have a quick little battle with the  Templars and to see where we match up. We still had a fun event and maxed a total of 21 TROOPS ONLINE! A massive number of troops for our s/m army! Tho we weren’t able to do what we planned to, we had much fun that first 10 minutes and we even reached our double promotions goal!

Max: 21

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[EU] Operation: Caffeine Addicts [RESULTS]

Hey Fire Warriors!

Today we logged on to our most notable server Ascent! We bring our hot coffees with us to create mad hype for the event and get ready to take some heat! Logging on with our fancy coffee aprons, we managed to perform some splendid and high qualitea tactics and formations, serving the best coffee ever served in CPRewritten. While leading tactics and making coffee jokes, we managed to achieve a solid 17 troops online, a great start-off for this week! But don’t let your guard down, because there seems to be a specialized S.W.A.T team that has planned a battle with us this week for fun, let’s show them who is the boss!

Max: 17

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Re-ignition Review #5

[5/31 – 6/5]

Hello Fire Warriors!! Hope you guys had a good week till now! We had a variety of events this week, ending with the amazing community Pride Parade! Hope you guys all enjoy the post!

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