The Day of Fire

The Day of Fire is upon us

For too long, the Fire Warriors have been unsuccessful.

For too long, the Fire Warriors have had undedicated leaderships.

Today, I am pleased to announce that Ot_ter & myself will be leading the new and improved Fire Warriors.

We have been successful in the past, I have led SWAT to consistent sizes of 50-70, and Ot_ter has led Redemption Force to similar sizes. Now that we have joined together, the Fire Warriors will be the next big army.

For now, we focus on recruiting & having events. There will be changes in the coming months, the new website is only the start. We will be hiring High Command and Staff, to apply, direct message Ot_ter or Sweater.

From the ashes, rises the Fire Warriors

Stand by us, and feel the reward


~Sweater, Fire Warriors Commander-in-Chief

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