My FINAL and PERMANENT Retirement From Club Penguin Armies

Hello for the last time, Fire Warriors.

This is not the post I felt I would be writing at 6:16 in the morning on a Saturday – but it’s the one I am compelled to make. My journey has been forcefully ended by my enemies and in all honesty I’m fine with it. I’ve done what there is to do, I came outta nowhere and succeeded, and I’ve made lifelong friends in this community – something I did not think was possible until it happened.

First and foremost I offer my sincerest apologies to Kris. Ivy on the otherhand, you are not innocent and you know what you are doing. You are just as bad as me if not even worse! But luckily for you I promised to keep all of that between us, and so between us it will remain – at least until you delete the dms!

Secondly, I just want to go over my experiences within Club Penguin Armies and what I will hopefully cherish forever. There are lots of incredible people in this community, some of you I want to stay in contact with for years & years – lifelong, if possible.

I first joined this community in May of 2013 at a Dark Warriors event. It was there I met some of the first friends I’d ever have in armies, who I would add on Facebook and move on from. In January of 2015 I was approached by one and asked to rejoin SWAT.

Being in SWAT changed my life. I learned so much from Ganger90, Badboy, Supa Em, Subster, and so many more. I could sit and list how each of you shaped me. How each of you would train me to go on and lead your army to it’s greatest heights, and please know that even though some of us have our differences now, I grew up with your advice, and I plan to take it with me to the grave. You made me.

My real claim to fame started in 2020, although I have had small stints before then. In February of 2020 I was approached and asked to lead Mayhem (the Chaos remake) by my friend PINK. I accepted and we went on to claim number 2 on the top ten that same week and absolutely owned well established armies in the Top Ten. At least until we were forced to merge into Doritos.

The next month I’d just spend bouncing around, I remember I specifically had a stint in Dark Warriors where I served as a Third in Command and built the foundation of some of my strongest friendships in armies.

The real fun, now that started in April of that year when I led the Special Weapons & Tactics return with Zuke, S Cargo2 and Darklink. Although neither of us really speak to either of us anymore, this was the squad that would go on to reach 100+ legitimately, forever restoring the SWAT legacy until it got ruined again.

Leading SWAT’s return, for the remainder of Club Penguin Online’s lifespan was an incredible experience. This was the most fun I’ve ever had in armies, and something I will forever remember. We pulled it off, we took a dead, “cheater” army and turned it into one of the biggest armies that there ever was. I’m sorry about how that all ended boys, that was definitely a misjudgement on my part.

For the next while I spent a solid chunk of time in a mixture of leading & advising positions in SWAT. It was fun, we did well, and of course – that was when Ganger90 returned. It went well for a while, of course, but then it all kinda started descending.

Fast forward to now: February 2021. I’ve led Fire Warriors three times and this was for sure the generation that takes the cake everyone. I’m so glad I got to work with all of you, especially the likes of AustinFraud, Simmonds, Haley and Cassie – some incredible people who definitely deserve the chance to do something like this properly.

I don’t really know what else to add. That’s what I’ve done in Club Penguin Armies. I came, and I won. I would like to shout out some people, in no particular order, that I feel for sure deserve some kind of recognition.

Shout-outs go to:

Cassie – thank you for believing in me even when I struggle to believe in myself. You’re truly incredible, coming in with no experience and hitting the ground running. You’re an amazing person. You deserve the world & I know with the right team you’re gonna get it.

Haley – known you a long time, Mammatus. It was brilliant finally being able to lead with you; I’ve secretly wanted to lead with you since your era in Royals. We’re an amazing team together; and I can’t wait to see what else you’ve still got in you.

Simmonds2000 – I always panicked after you left SWAT, I thought I’d never get to work with you again but I’m so glad you wanted to do Fire Warriors with me. I love you man. You’re the homie, and you still have a lot to do here. Don’t go giving up just yet like I did.

AustinFraud – what can I really say except you’re an amazing dude. One of the realest, most chillest dudes I’ve worked with in all my time here. Loved leading with you, and to see Athletes, Dark Champions and Elites doing so well under you – I knew I wanted you in FW. Please keep going homie.

Clifford – In the beginning Clifford, I have to admit I never gave you a shot. I’m glad I did, though, because you’re an incredible dude with so much knowledge to give. I loved working with you for this short while, just crazy to me it took us this long to do it.

Andrew24 – Although we were never close friends or anything, I enjoyed working with you in April and I’ve learned so much from watching you lead. This man is TRULY an inspiration and somebody I think all the newer players can look up to. Love this man.

Flypin1 – I love ya Fly. You’re the realest one out. You’re another one I wanna see keep grinding I know you got that leadership material inside you. You’re gonna rock everyone when you finally get the chance. I believe in you.

Legoman – listen dude. I’m so sorry I let anything come between us, you were one of my best homies on here and I threw that away over SWAT. I hope your era goes well, and you should know that I was glad you got the leader spot.

Sophy Bee – I’m so glad I met you Sophy. From giving you your first promotion EVER in armies – to leading alongside you – it has been so incredible. You win. You won in SWAT.

Kristina – I’m sorry for how things turned out. But you were one of my best friends while it lasted & you honestly do deserve the best. I hope everything works out for you.

Rach – I sincerely hope you’re not listening to anything a damn person says about you. I know you, you’re real. You’re the homie. And I know you got this, you’re not done Rach and I wanna see you win.

The FW Staff – listen guys I really could write an essay for all of you, you’re some of the most dedicated young minds I’ve ever seen and I’m so happy I got to work with you all. I hope to see you all leading this place one day.

some honourable mentions: (no order)

erika, brooke, marissa, haley 1, haley 2, mythic, luciferstar, spotty, zambi, kaliee, sophie 1, sophie 2, SWAT, panini, flamez64, iceyfeet, maroon (unfortunately), kiddo, supa em, subster, ryan, dwain, susej, tsanami, badboy, zuke, cargo, jaylen, lights, domsamillion, ot_ter, pranav, ugly, blackstar, sid, freezie66, noa, xfastx, sammie, mare, aubz, g90, zeenie, korra, supremep0wer, caitlin, fish, epic101, kehato, kyle, pookie437, lydia (Royals lydia please!), Possum03, leila, dizzy, 32op, meerrkat, brad, pink, toxic storm, lukey, tootsie, bee, lamp, my many alternate accounts, bay, hoax, pandor, summit, todoroki, aimee, midnight, megann, julia, izzy, doggorage, firestar08, rick astley, memmaw, nitrohammer, benimish, alexandrovna, cirby5, delirious.

and infinitely more. you guys make CPA CPA. and i love you for it.

Well, I guess that’s me. Gotta get going.


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