Introducing: Warrior of the Week

Hello Fire Warriors!

There has been a lot of activity in the server recently, and with us doing pretty well at events we felt it was finally time to get Warrior of the Week started! Warrior of the Week is a title that will be given to a different Fire Warrior each week. If you are curious on how to earn this title, and what benefits it will provide, read below!

Why do I want to earn Warrior of the Week?

Anyone who earns the Warrior of the Week will be given a role on the Discord entitled “Warrior of the Week” and it will be hoisted above all ranks with the exception of Main Leader. The role’s colour will change every week; as it will be decided by the winner which colour they would like. 

As well as this, all Warrior of the Week winners will be given their very own post on the website & they will be interviewed! This means you will have a platform to answer questions & teach newer recruits what you did to win.

Finally, the Warrior of the Week may be given the chance to assist the leadership with choosing a Game for a Game Night in the Discord. The game will have to be approved by the leadership (for security and play-ability purposes) but will come from the Warrior of the Week if they so choose.

How do I earn Warrior of the Week?

There isn’t one set thing you do to win Warrior of the Week. There is a variety of things you can do to increase your odds, however! Those are:

  • General Server Activity (be active & promote a fun environment in Main Chat)
  • Attending Events – as well as promotions, attending events will increase your chances of winning the award!
  • Recruiting – bringing in new server members will highly increase your odds of winning the award. Recruiting is how we thrive & continue to grow. If you need help with this you can DM a leader or staff member!
  • Being friendly & having fun – this is the most important part. If you are doing both of these, you are on the right track! Just couple in the other three and you will definitely get there!

I hope with the addition of Warrior of the Week, the Fire Warriors server will continue to remain as fun as possible while adding just a little bit of competitiveness… 


Main Leader

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