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    Welcome to the Fire Warriors Army of Club Penguin Rewritten!

    Our goal as a community is to have fun on Club Penguin Rewritten! We arrange regular meetups, game nights, giveaways, and a lot more.

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Hello Fire Warriors,

In today’s event we logged onto Ascent on Club Penguin Rewritten for our special Froggy Takeover event. Armed with our froggy hats today’s event featured several strong formations, bombs, and plentiful frog puns. Leading the event we had Austin, Conor and I, with a brief intermission from Ugly and retired staff Flypin. We maxed a total of 15 penguins for the event. Continue reading for event pictures!


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Club Penguin Rewritten’s │Full Mascot Backgrounds / Upcoming Items

Greetings Fire Warriors

In today’s post i will be covering the full backgrounds for the mascots of this party and many items for the next catalog such as Easter Egg party items that we will be seeing in the next catalog, plus all the scheduled mascot meetups that will accure! And some minigames that have came back! You can check all that by clicking the “Read More” button! Continue reading

Warrior of the Week #3: Elsa

Hello Fire Warriors!

After another week of recruiting & grinding to reach our oh-so-close 1,000 server member goal, there has been somebody who has stood out to the leadership within the past week. We all know her as the one keeping chat active, recruiting from time-to-time and being a friendly face towards the newer troops & recruits. That’s right everybody, our third Warrior of the Week is….. Continue reading

Club Penguin Rewritten’s Upcoming New Items/ Leaks

Greetings Fire Warriors

Lately, multiple tweets from CPRewritten twitter account and leaks laying around showing items that are gonna be either for the next catalog or will be with the Noir Party soon, today i’ll be showing you all of those and more news with it which can be found by clicking “continue reading” below! Continue reading

Club Penguin Rewritten’s Noir Party: FULL GUIDE

Greetings Fire Warriors & Club Penguin Rewritten players alike! 

Recently, the Club Penguin Rewritten team has been teasing the brand new Noir Party, and the announcements have generated LOTS of hype! Out of nowhere, the team released the party today and it’s currently live with the new catalog. Fire Warriors have put together a comprehensive guide for the party in one big, easy-to-understand post which can be found by clicking “continue reading” below!

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Warrior of the Week #2

After the hard work and hype for March Madness, we’ve had a quieter week here in FW, but despite that we had a member who’s been continuously active and even recruited many members into our server. They show all the qualities that we lookout for when deciding on a Warrior of the Week: they’re an active and helpful member as well as attend most events and even recruit.

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[EU] Operation: Shamrock Shake [RESULTS]

Hey fellow Warriors,

Today we logged onto Club Penguin Rewritten, Ascent for a St. Patrick’s special event. The warriors wore their trusty shamrock coat and hat and performed some of the best formations, movements, and tactics throughout the whole event. Cassie, Ugly, and Essie led the event calling out bombs and fast tactics. We maxed a total of 17 warriors online for the shamrock event. Read more for event pictures! 


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CPRewritten 2021 March Updates #6 │New Upcoming Party Leaks! New Item Code!

Hey Warriors,
And welcome to today’s news!

Not long ago the official CPRewritten twitter account has unfolded a couple of leaks that we probably will be seeing very soon in the island, these leaks contain new party leaks and a new item coming out this week! Continue reading

Introducing: Operation Ignition

Hey there, Fiery Warriors!

Ignition is the act of igniting something or starting a fire. With this in mind, the Fire Warriors Leaders have agreed to actually bring into motion a strategy planned explicitly to kick things into high gear and optimize the potential of this fantastic army. This operation will be the starting point for our ascension to glory.

Although recent event attendance has been phenomenal, we must still look for change and growth. The Fire Warriors Recruiting Force will be heavily promoted and will act as a means of quickly moving people up the ranks and into the staff. When one’s recruitment numbers grow, so does one’s rank. Recruiting will be a top priority over the course of this Operation.

In terms of speed and quality, the Fire Warriors have yet to display some of the best tactical performance. From today onwards, Fire Warriors will be innovative tactically in terms of formations, speed, and unique bombs. Training Events will be held throughout the duration of Operation Ignition to keep the army on its toes and keep us all moving to the top.

The majority of Operation Ignition will rely on consistency. We intend to establish a clear order and rhythm of stuff in the Fire Warriors. The Fire Warriors will be one of the best armies and our one and only goal is Dominance.

Our army will witness a turnaround during Operation Ignition. We will no longer remain in one position, and we will not recognize defeat in any case. The Fire Warriors have arrived to seize it all, and we will not stop rising until we do. It is time for us to stay true to our slogan which is WE RISE FROM THE ASHES!

Few objectives of Operation Ignition are:

  • To hit 1000 members on our discord before march ends.
  • Maximize our event attendance to 20-25 per event.
  • A post will be released every 3 days about formations, bunching rule, speed, Movements, etc.

Rewards for recruiting members will be:

10 Recruits- 5,000 Bot money (UB Bot)
20 Recruits- 7,500 Bot money (UB Bot) + Member rank up
30 Recruits- Custom Role for a Week +7,500 Bot money (UB Bot) + Member rank up
40 Recruits- Custom Role for a Month + 7,500 Bot money (UB Bot) + Member rank up
50 Recruits– Nitro + Custom role for a month + 10,000 Bot money (UB Bot) + Member rank up

-Burn it to the ground-

AustinFraud, Fire Warriors Leader
Sweater, Fire Warriors Leader
Cassie, Fire Warriors Leader
Simmonds2000, Fire Warriors Leader
Haley, Fire Warriors Leader

Interviewing the Warrior of the Week: Jayde

Hey Fire Warriors

With the launch of the Warrior of the Week award, and its first winner Jayde, I wanted to treat you all to something different. Today, I decided it would be a good idea to interview Jayde and give her some burning questions to find out what she’s doing differently, and to find out why she thinks she earned the Warrior of the Week award.

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