CPRewritten 2021 March Updates │Operation Swarm news, Puffle Party Cancelled, New Cardigan

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This will be our newest post for news on CPR

Recently, two exciting news were leaked about Operation Swarm and the cancellation of the much-awaited Puffle Party. Today, this post will cover more information on it and an exciting sneak peek at the new custom hat and the new items coming along with it.

1) Operation Swarm News

The CPRewritten team has revealed two new designs of the rooms that we will be seeing in the operation. As you might know, Operation Swarm was canceled because of the time it took and the delays it had to do, and also they had to continue working on the HTML5 version. Recently, Stu (One of the admins of CPR) said the goal for this operation to hit is for it to be in November of this year. There is still a lot to wait for. Here’s what Stu had to say about the situation:

“We can air for November – no promises though.”

Sneak peek on the new custom rooms to be released with the new party!

2) New Cardigan & Puffle Party Cancelled

A new blue cardigan was revealed and will be available in the next catalog and it was also revealed that the frog hat that the penguin has will also appear with it!

The frog hat and the blue cardigan said to be released soon!

It was announced that the Puffle Party this year has been canceled. Since the puffles files have not yet been added to the game and it will be too late to be added for the party.

What do YOU think? Will YOU buy the froggy hat item? What do YOU think about the new party rooms? Lets us know in the comments below!


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