CPRewritten 2021 March Updates #3 │The Better Igloos Catalog Secrets & Igloo Ugrades!


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Recently, the long-awaited march Better Igloos Catalog has been released along with its Igloo Upgrades. Today i will be covering all its secrets furniture items that you might have missed such as the new popular Froggy Chair that the fans were excited about after it was leaked by the admins!

Better Igloos Catalog Secrets.

A brand new catalog filled with many furniture items has appeared so you can redecorate your igloo! The famous Froggy Chair has been presented for the first time ever in this game! Down below you can see all the secrets of this new catalog:

The Cover

The Items

The Igloo Upgrades.

A new igloo upgrades catalog has arrived, with new igloos, floors, and rooms that you can buy to upgrade your house!

The Cover

The Igloos

And that’s pretty much it for this month’s catalogs, thank you for checking out this post and many thanks to Club Penguin Rewritten Cheats for the photos make sure to check their website out they are pretty cool!

What do YOU think? Will YOU be buying the new Igloos? Will YOU be remodeling your house with the new furniture? Lets us know in the comments below!

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