CPRewritten 2021 March Updates #3 │New Code! & New Limited Pin : Treasure Chest!

Hey everyone,
And welcome to today’s news!

Recently, A new code has been added along with a New Limited Pin that is themed about the current party going on! I will be showing you what the code is and how to use it and where the new pin is.

The New Code!

A new code has just been added! It carries with it 5000 coins and Green Bunny Slippers that might be referencing the easter egg hunt event coming in April, Plus the Golden Quilted Coat!

Here is how you can acquire all of those:

1) Log in to your CPR account.
2) Once you are on the main screen, click the “Unlock Items Online” at the top right.
3) Click on “I have a code” and then insert: HELLOMARCH

The New Pin!

The CPRewritten team has just released a new pin. Here’s how you can get it!

  • Pin: Treasure Chest
  • Location: Beach

That’s pretty much it for today’s post, thanks for reading and I hope we helped you out!

What do YOU think? Will YOU be getting the new pin? Will YOU be obtaining the code’s items? Lets us know in the comments below!

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