Upcoming Battle Preparations: How Can I Be Best Prepared?

Hello Fire Warriors!

As you may know, we log on to Club Penguin Rewritten on Sunday, 14th March at 3 PM Eastern Time to verse the Silver Empire for the first round of the March Madness Army Tournament. This will be the first battle we ever experience together, and I wanted to give you guys some tips from my 8-year experience in Armies, and 1-2 years experience of leading these kinds of battles.

Part One: Tactics & Formations

Tactics & formations are the foundation of every battle. Size is the most important factor, sure, but if armies are equal (such as Fire Warriors & Silver Empire) then the tactics & formations will be the decider.

Formations must look clean, and be done quickly. Below is a list of formations that will more than likely be used in battle:

  • X shape
  • + (plus) shape
  • Circle
  • Two or three vertical/horizontal lines
  • V / Upside Down V
  • Letter formations (A, V, W, M, etc)

Here are some examples of how it should look like:

X Formation

Plus Formation

V Formation

Upside Down T Formation

If you are curious as to what these actually look like in-game, then check out this Imgur album: (click here for the album) || Note: These events are not Fire Warrior events. They are of a separate army, used with permission of the event leaders. 

Tactics are sets of phrases or emotes that are done within formations. A leader on the #main chat will tell you to type up something, such as “FIRE WARRIORS FOREVER” and a countdown to entering it. Emotes are a little different. You will simply be prompted to press E + a letter or number for a certain emote, below, a list of emotes can be found:

You do not need to remember these off by heart, but they are extremely handy to know!

Bombs are also worth mentioning. The premise of a bomb is that you simply run around while doing an emote or phrase. There are four kinds in total:

  • Traditional bomb: run anywhere you want to with the emote or phrase.
  • Rake: run only side to side while doing the emote or phrase.
  • Waterfall: run only up and down while doing the emote or phrase.
  • Tornado/clockwise bomb: run in a clockwise motion while doing the emote or phrase.
  • Wipe: This is when you bomb diagonally from Top Left to Bottom Left or from Top Right to Bottom Left using an emote or a phrase.

Here is how the leader will command during a battle!


  • Judges will call 3 rooms every 10 minutes, We should enter the room as quickly as possible to earn points!
  • When a leader commands a WORD TACTIC, Triple-click the text and copy it using “CTRL+C”. Paste it in the chatbar using “CTRL+V”. This will make us do Tactics faster
  • Join the VC Channel for faster commands!

That’s the basics. 

However, in battle, your game may get extremely laggy. Here are a few things you can do to reduce lag!

Part Two: Reducing Lag In-Game

Club Penguin Rewritten’s brand new HTML5 client is still in beta testing. This can mean the game is extremely laggy at times, and the game will lag during this battle. There are a few things you can do to help counter this though.

First and foremost: avoid using the Google Chrome browser. This worked for me, and now I lag a lot less during events and battles. I currently use Opera, but I’ve heard that Firefox works just as well.

However, if you’re game is still lagging then the most important performance tip that players will find useful will be to turn their Hardware Acceleration on. Please search online on how to do this specifically with your browser in mind, it is important to be cautious when going inside settings. For example, if you are using Opera then just simply Google “how to turn Hardware Acceleration on in Opera.”

Good luck, Fire Warriors! May we take home the victory on Sunday, and I hope to see all of you there.


Main Leader


Main Leader

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