Warrior of the Week #1

As we have been preparing for our first ever tournament that just concluded, the March Madness, we’ve been keeping an eye on each and every server member to determine who is fit enough for the first ever Warrior of the Week award! The Warrior of the Week goes above & beyond for Fire Warriors, they’re the ones who recruit, welcome, help out, attend all the events, and they’re the ones who inspire everybody in Fire Warriors.

This week, there was only one clear choice for the Warrior of the Week award, and without further ado, I present to you the winner….


Jayde is a true example of a dedicated Fire Warrior. Everyday, dusk until dawn, Jayde is online helping the staff and welcoming new recruits; when she’s not bringing her own in. Jayde is incredibly supportive and overall kind to everybody in the server and she was the clear choice to receive this award first. Congratulations, Jayde! Thank you, from all of us, for the incredible service you provide.

As well as this, Jayde will also receive another promotion on the Discord!

Interview with Jayde, if she accepts, coming tomorrow!

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