Interviewing the Warrior of the Week: Jayde

Hey Fire Warriors

With the launch of the Warrior of the Week award, and its first winner Jayde, I wanted to treat you all to something different. Today, I decided it would be a good idea to interview Jayde and give her some burning questions to find out what she’s doing differently, and to find out why she thinks she earned the Warrior of the Week award.

Interview with Jayde, Fire Warriors Warrior of the Week

Conor: Thank you for allowing me to interview you. My first question, who is Jayde? Tell us about yourself!

Jayde: Jayde is Jayde, the annoying snitch but everyone loves her anyway :smile: and Jayde is dedicated to staying in the middle of the dock and using the :goo: emoji.

Conor: Lovely to meet you, my next question: what was your reaction to earning Warrior of the Week?

Jayde: So 1st I screamed out of exitment. Next I thanked everyone. And then I choose a hex code. And also got awarded #1 Warrior of FW

Conor: Ooo! My next question, what do you think you were doing differently to the other warriors that allowed you to earn the award?

Jayde: I think I was very good at welcoming new people! I also was online constantly helping! And I had much dedication to help us win the tornument.

Conor: My fourth question! What is your advice to other warriors to help them earn this award?

Jayde: Welcoming new people!Being online constantly helping out! I recommend they try be as active as possible not only in chat but at events as well!

Conor: This has been great! Do you have a question you’d like to ask the next Warrior of the Week? It can be as random as you like; nothing is off limits.

Jayde: What are your thoughts on Jayde?

Conor: Thank you for your time! Is there anything you’d like to add?

Jayde: Bye rats or humans or mars sisters


Jayde; an exciting and positive personality within the Fire Warriors chat has exposed her secrets to us today. As we can see from above, she recommends all future Warriors to attend events, hype, welcome new people and generally just be active and helpful!

A huge thank you to Jayde for this interview; and I hope you all had fun reading it!


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