CPRewritten 2021 March Updates #6 │New Upcoming Party Leaks! New Item Code!

Hey Warriors,
And welcome to today’s news!

Not long ago the official CPRewritten twitter account has unfolded a couple of leaks that we probably will be seeing very soon in the island, these leaks contain new party leaks and a new item coming out this week!

1) Penguin Play Awards 2021:

On the 14th of march the team has shared a what looks like the stage from the earlier years party! Which probably means that they started working on it, and plus we might be meeting Aunt Arctic there soon as she always visits during that party! Here’s what they posted:

2) More Noir Party Leaks:

This time they have leaked the full town of what the Noir Party would look like, and its very similar to the old one from Club Penguin! Here’s what it looks like:

3) New Item Code:

Just a couple of seconds ago while writing this, a new code has been released by the team! And its the Red Nose that has been asked to be seen again with some Coins! It will only last for 6 days, so be quick!! The code: REDNOSE

Here is how you can get the new items:

  1. Log into the game
  2. Click the “Unlock Items Online!” at the top right of the start screen
  3. Choose the “I have a code” then type: REDNOSE

What do YOU think? Are YOU excited about the new upcoming parties? What are YOUR thoughts on the new code? Lets us know in the comments below!

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