Warrior of the Week #2

After the hard work and hype for March Madness, we’ve had a quieter week here in FW, but despite that we had a member who’s been continuously active and even recruited many members into our server. They show all the qualities that we lookout for when deciding on a Warrior of the Week: they’re an active and helpful member as well as attend most events and even recruit.

Thus our leadership and hcom alike have decided on this person as our second Warrior of the Week. So I’m proud to announce that our newest WOTW is none other than…

Krisz (Reallol)

Krisz has been active in FW for almost two months now and in his time he’s created many friends here, helping them feel welcome while creating an active and entertaining environment. It was a clear choice to award him with this award, so Congratulations Krisz, a big thank you from the leadership, and be sure to congratulate Krisz when you see him in chat!

The Fire Warriors team was lucky enough to contact Specialist Krisz to inquire about how he was able to get this title as Warrior of the Week!

Interview with the second WOTW and specialist, Krisz

First off, Congratulations on being titled the second Warrior of the Week. My question is, Who is Krisz? tell us more about yourself

So most people know me for my argument with Pandor. We made a bunch of memes about us arguing. Second, are my warnings. I totally didn’t understand how I got the Warrior Of The Week role because I had 9 warnings around that time.

LOOOL, What was the first thought that crossed your mind when you heard you got the Warrior of the Week title?

So the announcement said that I got the role because I invited many people to the server and I kept the chat alive 24/7. Which was basically true. My advice to the other warriors is just to be nice to the other recruits because Pandor is not going to vouch for you for the WOTW role and try to keep the chat alive as much as you can. In the past to keep the chat alive I was up till 4 am every day and I really enjoyed every single minute of it. FW ON TOP!

That’s the spirit! What do you think of Jayde?

Jayde is an amazing person she did a lot for FW the last week. This week she was a bit lazy but she helped us out still. And come on she made the FW pancakes. So she deserved that role so much. I mean today I made an FW coffee but the FW pancakes are harder to make. So I am really proud of competing with Jayde.

Yep, she’s awesome! Do you have a question you’d like to ask the next Warrior of the Week? It can be as random as you like, nothing is off-limits.

I have one question for him/her. WHY THE HECK DID YOU TAKE IT FROM ME??? LOL

haha, Well thank you for your time! Is there anything you’d like to add?

Yes. I would like to say that Cody aka deleted helped Elsa and Ace a lot during this time and he was very active in chat as well so I hope he will get the next WOTW role.

What do YOU think? Who do YOU think will be titled as the next Warrior of the Week? Let us know your thoughts below!

AustinFraud, FW Main Leader
Cassie, FW Main Leader

Krisz, Warrior of the Week, Specialist

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