Club Penguin Rewritten’s Noir Party: FULL GUIDE

Greetings Fire Warriors & Club Penguin Rewritten players alike! 

Recently, the Club Penguin Rewritten team has been teasing the brand new Noir Party, and the announcements have generated LOTS of hype! Out of nowhere, the team released the party today and it’s currently live with the new catalog. Fire Warriors have put together a comprehensive guide for the party in one big, easy-to-understand post which can be found by clicking “continue reading” below!

Part One: The New Rooms!

Many decorated rooms have come along this party, here is the showcase of all the party decorated rooms!


Part Two: Clothing Catalog Update + Secrets!

A lot of Secrets on this catalog and a lot of awesome items! A total of 22 secrets to being found! Can’t find them? Well here they all are:




Click this item 3 times to get an exclusive item:


A new pin at the docks:


  • New item at the Pizza Shop:
  • Obtainable Background Photo:
    You can get it by walking to where I’m sitting then click the camera

That’s all for the full guide of this awesome party! Really took time taking all the photos and editing them but we hope you liked it and it helped you out and we’ll see you on the next one!

What do YOU think? Will YOU be getting all the hidden items from the catalog? Will YOU be obtaining all secrets around the island? Lets us know in the comments below!

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