Club Penguin Rewritten’s Upcoming New Items/ Leaks

Greetings Fire Warriors

Lately, multiple tweets from CPRewritten twitter account and leaks laying around showing items that are gonna be either for the next catalog or will be with the Noir Party soon, today i’ll be showing you all of those and more news with it which can be found by clicking “continue reading” below!

1) The Items Leaks

  • Flower Hats:
    Here it shows 2 different hats with similarities, it is the same hat but with different flowers on top of it, this will be a very cool set of items and probably with a lot of variety flowers.

  • Octopus Hand Items:
    These cute looking octopus plushies have different colors, one is happy and one is angry.

  • Easter Egg Igloo:
    They said this igloo will come with the april catalog, and is a sneakpeek to the Easter Egg party happening in a month or so.

2) Mascot Backgrounds:

Sneakpeeks have been released showing parts of the backgrounds that Jet Pack Guy and Dot will be using and everyone can obtain, these are both very rare mascots that don’t appear very often in party’s, so make sure to get their background quickly when they enter the island, expect the server they are in very full, I recommend you check out Mascot Sightings Twitter or Discord Server. They will both be making unplanned and scheduled visits, the scheduled visits will be announced after the Staff Meetup this saturday, with the latter due to be announced this weekend.

3) Detective Community Meet-Up

A community post by CPRewritten released date and time for a Staff Meet-Up where everyone will join a server in-game this weekend and they plan to play some games and answering people’s questions. Here are the set up times and details for when the party will be:

Meet-Up For Noir Party

Date: Saturday, 27th March 2021

Time: 10:00am EST

Server: Zipline

Dress code: Robbers

If you want more info check out their post here:


What do YOU think? Will YOU be there in the Staff Meet-Up? Will YOU get the mascots background? Lets us know in the comments below!

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