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[EU] March Madness Round 1 vs Silver Empire – RESULTS!

It is said that being doubted is one of the biggest competitive advantages one can have; we proved that to be true.

Hello Fire Warriors,

Today we logged on to Crystal to battle the Silver Empire in round one of the March Madness 2021 tournament. We went into this tournament with high spirits, and the biggest list of doubters you will ever see anywhere, but you know what? We went into that tournament as the LOWEST SEED and we brought the Silver Empire, a major army, to overtime. We DEMOLISHED the first room, and tied the second – but unfortunately, we just lost out on the Overtime room, and our March Madness run ended before it began.

Do not let this get you down; in fact it should bring up our spirits even more. We went in, we performed our absolute best, and gave a major army a run for their money! That’s absolutely incredible. It begins now, the AUSSIEMONDHALRY (name work in progress) begins now.

Max Size: 33

picture taken at :53

+ 8 people in other rooms.

(List of people who attended are at the bottom of the post, CPAHQ can either take our word for it or go through each & every battle pic and find them themselves; just like we had to find the battle times ourselves.

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Warrior of the Week #1

As we have been preparing for our first ever tournament that just concluded, the March Madness, we’ve been keeping an eye on each and every server member to determine who is fit enough for the first ever Warrior of the Week award! The Warrior of the Week goes above & beyond for Fire Warriors, they’re the ones who recruit, welcome, help out, attend all the events, and they’re the ones who inspire everybody in Fire Warriors.

This week, there was only one clear choice for the Warrior of the Week award, and without further ado, I present to you the winner…. Continue reading

[EU] MM Training [RESULTS]

Hey Warriors,

Today we logged onto Ascent for a quick training session for the March Madness Tournament! We used Iceberg, Plaza, Stadium, and Inside Mine as our training ground. We used an array of tactics and bombs. Even trying out unique formations! We maxed a total of 14.


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[EU] Operation: Train and Enhance [RESULTS]

Hey Warriors,

Today we logged onto Ascent for a quick training session for the March Madness Tournament! We used Iceberg, Plaza, Stadium, and Inside Mine as our training ground. We used an array of tactics and bombs. Even trying out unique formations! We maxed a total of 16 and averaged 12.


Avg-13 Continue reading

CPRewritten 2021 March Updates #5 │New Limited Code!

Hey Warriors,
And welcome to today’s news!

Today the official CPRewritten Twitter account announced that a new code has been released! It contains five items and some coins! And from what it looks like the items are St Patrick’s Day Party related which means it’s gonna be out very soon. Here’s what they said on Twitter: Continue reading

Upcoming Battle Preparations: How Can I Be Best Prepared?

Hello Fire Warriors!

As you may know, we log on to Club Penguin Rewritten on Sunday, 14th March at 3 PM Eastern Time to verse the Silver Empire for the first round of the March Madness Army Tournament. This will be the first battle we ever experience together, and I wanted to give you guys some tips from my 8-year experience in Armies, and 1-2 years experience of leading these kinds of battles. Continue reading

CPRewritten 2021 March Updates #4 │Prehistoric Party Confirmed This Year!

Hey Warriors,
And welcome to today’s news!

Last Sunday, One of the admins of CPRewritten Stu confirmed that there will hopefully be the Prehistoric party this year! The Prehistoric was a 2013 classic party from the original Club Penguin that was shut down, the party was jungle-themed with dinosaurs and many other cool things, the CPRewritten team have thought to bring out the old memories from the original game into their game. Hopefully, we can experience it once again this year! Here’s what Stu said about it:

“This year we should hopefully have the prehistoric party” -stu

Here are a couple of photos from the 2013 and 2014 party! Probably we can hope seeing some of those in the game soon!


Club Penguin Prehistoric Party 2016 Guide - The Penguin Times

it's so awesome woo! | Prehistoric party, Club penguin, Theme park

Club Penguin- Prehistoric Party- Iceberg - YouTubeClub Penguin Meeting Gary In Server Alaska | Club Penguin Music Jam 2014 Cheats By: Ramone14

That’s pretty much it for today’s post, thanks for checking out the post for today, and hope you enjoyed reading through it! And many thanks to Club Penguin Rewritten Cheats for the info please do check their website out they’re really cool!

What do YOU think? Are YOU excited about the party coming back? Do YOU think it will make it for this year? Lets us know in the comments below!

CPRewritten 2021 March Updates #3 │New Code! & New Limited Pin : Treasure Chest!

Hey everyone,
And welcome to today’s news!

Recently, A new code has been added along with a New Limited Pin that is themed about the current party going on! I will be showing you what the code is and how to use it and where the new pin is. Continue reading

CPRewritten 2021 March Updates #3 │The Better Igloos Catalog Secrets & Igloo Ugrades!


Hello everyone,
In our new post today

Recently, the long-awaited march Better Igloos Catalog has been released along with its Igloo Upgrades. Today i will be covering all its secrets furniture items that you might have missed such as the new popular Froggy Chair that the fans were excited about after it was leaked by the admins! Continue reading

[EU] Operation: Enhancement RESULTS

Hello Fire Warriors!

Today we logged on to Club Penguin Rewritten to hold our “Operation: Enhancement” event! We experimented with new tactics, practiced our formations, and in the final room we even-handed over control to our lovely Second in Commands Ugly & Essie! Everybody did an outstanding job, and this was excellent preparation for our upcoming Practice Battle & Tournament.

Max: 17 | Average: 14

We rise from the ashes!

2nd In Command