Club Penguin Rewritten’s Easter Egg: FULL GUIDE

Greetings Fire Warriors

In today’s post, I will be showing how to aquire all the 8 Easter Eggs hidden around the island, and the rewards for it! The team said that the Noir Party has ended so that right after they can add the party. And also Aunt Arctic will be visiting for this party!! Click on “Continue Reading” for the info!

1) Easter Eggs Places:

Here are the list of the 8 Eggs hidden around the island:

  • Egg 1: Town

  • Egg 2: Stadium

  • Egg 3: Cove

  • Egg 4: Dojo

  • Egg 5: Gift Shop

  • Egg 6: Ski Lodge

  • Egg 7: Ski Hill

  • Egg 8: Cave Mine

2) Rewards:

If you obtain all the hidden Eggs, you will get earn the Easter Egg Hunt Igloo and a Easter Egg Igloo Background!

3) Unlockable Item:

With the new party just been released, a new code has been released with it! BUGSBUNNY21

Usually on the Easter Egg party they only have just a little Scavenger Hunt and Rewards with it, so there’s pretty much nothing else to cover! Hope we have helped you with this awesome party!!

What do YOU think? Will YOU find all the Eggs? What do YOU think the next party is? Lets us know in the comments below!

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