Club Penguin Rewritten Puffle Rescue Return/ April Catalog Leak

Greetings Fire Warriors

In today’s post I will be showing you some exciting stuff about CPRewritten. A cover leak from the April’s Clothing Catalog and a game’s return, plus news about the 9 Million Registered Users for CPRewritten! You can see all that info by clicking the “Continue Reading” button!

1) Puffle Rescue Returned:

About 3 days ago, CPRewritten twitter announced that Puffle Rescue has been Returned to the island and now everyone can play it!

2) April Catalog Leak:

Yesterday a tweet by their support account revealed the April Clothing Catalog cover! Showing a penguin with a Orange Hoodie and Gold Sunglasses and The Firestriker hat item, all those items will be making it to the Catalog this April. And we can see mountains in the background, which could be teasing for a Mountain Expedition/Festival of Lights type of party back!

3) 9M Registered Users Announcement

The CPRewritten Admin said on twitter that once the Registered Users count reachs 9 million, they will be released codes every day for 9 days once the day it reaches it. As a celebration for the huge milestone! I will be posting every code per day on our Discord Server!

That’s all for todays post, hope we have informed you on what’s gonna happen for CPR! A new post will be sent as soon as possible once more info has been shown!

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