Notable Moments: 4/04 – 4/10

Hello Fire Warriors! In this new series of posts, I will be reviewing funny, important, or other notable moments that happened throughout the week, for new troops that trickle into the server. For this first post, I will start from April 1st, which held the most laughs since the beginning of this generation. Let’s dive right into this!

This week, I will be going into 3 notable moments:

  1. Cassie looking for Conor on CPRewritten during an event
  2. AustinFraud “Couped” and “Retired”
  3. Elsa shushing MEE6!

Cassie when she misses Conor

Cassie simping as usual

Our most iconic couple in Fire Warriors is Cassie and Conor, with each simping for the other throughout events, games, or even simply in chat. If you haven’t seen them simp for each other yet, don’t worry! It’s a daily event that all single people have to painfully trudge through. (#FindADateForPandor) There’s more to this though; attending events on your phone is very difficult. Even though it’s possible for most, it was practically impossible for Cassie this past week, with her penguin teleporting and moving all over the CPRewritten map. Eventually, she gave up on the event and started looking for Conor, who can either be found playing Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, leading FW events, or sleeping the entire day. She wasn’t able to find him till much later that day when she lovingly reunited with the sleepyhead.

AustinFraud “Couped” and “Retired” to Advisor

Austin Enjoying “Retirement”

On almost a daily basis, AustinFraud, one of our most prominent leaders, continuously gets couped on basis of simping for the Kakegurui anime character Yumeko, or he retires, saying that he “hates CPA”. I personally don’t agree with this action, as he is one of the best leaders ever! (Not me simping for 2ic :D) However, by the end of each day, Austin magically comes back to the rank of leader, which is very suspicious. This cycle continues till he goes to sleep and becomes AboodFraud , when he finally realizes that we all love him very much!

Elsa, MEE6 Shusher

Submitted by Elsa, Colonel in Fire Warriors

Elsa shushing MEE6

For our last notable moment this week, we have a submission from Elsa, an active troop in the Fire Warriors main chat. In the past week, she decided to be known as the Official MEE6 Shusher, shushing MEE6 whenever the [poor] bot comes into chat to advertise #event-info and (to make an account, btw you should totally make one ;D). Since then, she has shushed MEE6 almost every time MEE6 popped up with that message. It has become a regular commodity in chat, with others requesting Elsa constantly to make MEE6 stop. Although it won’t stop or listen, it’s one of the most iconic pushbacks against the “evil” robots and AI.

This marks the end of the first Notable Moments of the Week! If you have any notable moments you would like to submit for next week, make sure to dm me at Pran#2004! Thanks for the hilarious moments in chat!

Keeping the Fire Bright,


FW 3rd in Command

8 Responses

  1. Loved the post Pranav!

    One suggestion I would make is to incorporate Conor into all three moments. I heard that guy is awesome.

  2. Woah, I still hate CPA

  3. One Day ? One Day ? Elsa told Mee6 To shush ?

  4. What abt we really coup AUstin and we already found a date for pandor lmao. We know we know he dont likes to ship it but we like it. #bullypandor !!!! And That mee6 shusher is *lipbite*

  5. Lets coup Ausitn for real this time!!! (jk we all love to see austin on the top of our army) Cassie u should look a bit closer to the trees to find conor. ;-; 🙂
    We arleady found pandor a date which he dont likes but who knows what the truth is. And mee6shusher is sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh

    • We love you too!

  6. am bored

  7. ye.

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