Club Penguin Rewritten News │Mountain Expedition News, Prehistoric Party Release Date, Sled Racing Coming Back!

Greeting Fire Warriors

In this post, I’ll be showing you a series of news that just hit. Yesterday CPRewritten released a Community Post showing us some pretty interesting articles, and great peeks of what we could be seen on the island very soon! Click “Continue Reading” for the details.

1) Mountain Expedition News:

The Admins have infact confirmed, the Mountain Expedition party will be this month! and it’s gonna be a lot similar to the 2017 one, Gary will also be the mascot of this party with a brand new background giveaway for everyone to obtain! The items that will be returning will also be the super rare red flag for players to collect once more, it hasn’t been released since 2017 so it’ll be a good addition for those collectors out there.


2) Prehistoric Party Release Date

Club Penguin Rewritten is hoping to bring back the old Prehistoric Party this May. This party has been history since 2013 from the old days of Club Penguin, but now CPRewritten is bringing it back! With Gary also being the mascot of this party! As for new things on the What’s New blog, during the Prehistoric Party in May, a new blog series might appear named ‘Featured Igloos’ that will include up to three igloos from players on the island. Winners will win a good amount of coins and a trophy to display in their igloos!

3) Sled Racing Coming Back

The next HTML5 mini-game will be Sled Racing, they hope to bring back this mini-game with some fun twists returning such as the leaderboard. They said they are not too sure if the leaderboards will return instantly, but they plan on bringing that back with the previous medal rewards too. No further details have been thrown out nor release dates.

That’s all for today’s post! The Admins also talked about players asking for more updates like Puffles, Stampbook… etc. They said they are working on these things and they are bringing more developers to help make things move faster behind the scenes!

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  1. Wooo! Excited for the sled race update.

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