[EU] Team Cap vs Team Iron Man [RESULTS]

[Transmission Loaded]

After a hard battle, the two teams have concluded their fight. Team Iron Man, tasked with capturing Captain America, Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson back into custody, has successfully defeated the remaining Captain America sympathizers & brought them back to us. Congratulations Team Iron Man, you’ve done your country proud.

[End Transmission]

In army terms: congratulations on our final & one of our most successful events this week! The Marvel themed week has been incredible, and everybody has surpassed expectations. I’m very proud of what we’ve managed to accomplish this week, and I hope you all had fun! We have one final day tomorrow, be sure to keep an eye out on the remaining activities – and those beloved staff promotions.

We maxed 22 this event. (Team Cap + Team Iron Man + Leaders)

More pictures:

I’m very proud.


FW Main Leader

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