Club Penguin Rewritten News │Potential Wig Only Catalog, Summer Party Confirmed!

Greetings Fire Warriors

In this post I’ll be showing you what’s coming to the island and what are the exciting news for it! A maybe new catalog for the future and the summer party return. Click “Continue Reading” for the info!

1) Summer Party Confirmed This Year

There will be another summer event on Club Penguin Rewritten somewhere later this year, the team have confirmed. Although you can say this event is just a small mini-event, but it seems that this one will be more interesting, as it will bring a “beach theme” and a chance for a special sky sunset like the Music Jam of 2020.

“Summer Party [will be returning], yes, but it’ll be different. It’ll have a beach theme, and probably the same sunset as the Music Jam 2020.”
-stu, Club Penguin Rewritten administrator

Here’s the decorated party room for the Summer Bash of 2020!


2) Potential Hairstyle Catalog

Recently on CPRewritten twitter they replied to someone suggestion for a “Wig Only” kind of catalog, they responded with that it could be either a whole new catalog or a permenant page for the hairstyles. So keep a eye out on that update soon.

That’s all for today’s post! It must really be a pressure that the summer party event typically tends to be a lot smaller than one of the main parties, and the Music Jam will still be returning as a separate and larger event. Last year, this type of event involved just the Cove being decorated. However, the exact scale for this event isn’t known yet, and not many details have been released yet, so there’s a chance it could be special from the other summer party events, or they can tweak some stuff in! If we get notified by any sort of news related. As for the Wig Catalog news, this will really help bring more hairstyles to the island, bringing the fact that they asked recently on twitter if there are any bipocs good with hair to help them make more hairstyles for the future of all sorts of kinds. As for now, we will send news for the next post as soon as we find them! Thank you for reading!

If you have any questions/comments, make sure you leave them down in the comments below!

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