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When I opened the Fire Warriors on Club Penguin Private Servers in July of 2020, again in December 2020 and once more in January 2021: I did not expect us to reach the height we have in such little time.

Today officially marks the day the Fire Warriors Army have reached 1,000 members on our Discord server. I think I speak for all of Fire Warriors’ past leaders, legends, allies, friends, enemies, Godfathers, and Legends when I say no one has ever expected us to reach this milestone. The Fire Warriors are an army that have always been plagued with unloyal leaderships, recruiting issues, unmotivated staff & so many more. I can confidently say that only one other generation of this army has existed without these issues: Pringle64 & Pochoma123’s generation – over 10 years ago.

The Fire Warriors have been closed & reopened so many times. A quick search of the term “Fire Warriors” in either Google or Club Penguin Army Central showcases just how often this army comes back and closes, and I think part of the reason of that is this army is legendary. Multiple Club Penguin Army Legends have led this army; with varying success, and I don’t blame anybody for wanting to recreate that: I know I sure do.

Enough about the past, though. This army exists today and is in better health than ever. I wanted to write a speech about us reaching 1,000 server members; and I guess in a way I am kind of doing that now, but I just wasn’t really sure what to write. Something positive to inspire all of us? A quick “Thank you for 1,000 members?” I struggled a lot with what to say here, and eventually I’ve settled on recapping some of our incredible moments and crowning some new “Notable Troops.” With that I present to you some of my favourite Fire Warrior moments from the past two months, in no particular order:

Almost beating Silver Empire in the March Madness

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On the 14th of March, just one month after we reopened our doors with a brand new leadership, we went up against a major army in round one of a tournament we shouldn’t even have competed in. Everybody ruled us out, we were told we were “a disappointing version of the Fire Warriors,” and we were told we were going to be 3-0’d, and honestly I don’t blame them. The odds were near impossible; but we proved everybody wrong. We maxed 33 soldiers online and took Silver Empire to overtime, just losing out in the final moments of the battle.

Opening Fire Warriors

Sometime in late January, I had decided that enough was enough. I was going to reopen the Fire Warriors once more and actually do it properly. I reached out to some good friends, some experienced army leaders and we had agreed to come together and do this effectively.

Starting off, we had the following leaders:

  • Sweater (ex SWAT Leader)
  • AustinFraud (ex Elites, Dark Champions and Athletes Leader)
  • Haley (ex Royal Family leader)
  • Simmonds2000 (ex SWAT, Elites, Dark Champions Leader)
  • Ivy (ex Templars, Redemption Force Leader)
  • Cassie (ex Dark Warriors, Doritos High Command)

We also had the following advisors:

  • Clifford (ex Water Vikings Leader)
  • Kristina (ex Dark Warriors High Command)

And together, we formed the Elite Eight who reopened the Fire Warriors and maxed 22 in less than a week of preparing.

Marvel Themed Week

We had wanted to do a themed week in Fire Warriors for a long time, and on the week of 12/04/21 – 18/04/21 we did the Marvel-themed week! We hosted a variety of Marvel-themed game nights, Club Penguin events, and at the end of the week we had our two teams: Captain America & Iron Man, fight in a battle on the Club Penguin Island, and Team Iron Man was crowned victorious.

And now….

For a brief introduction, the Fire Warriors Hall of Flame contains the name of some of the most dedicated individuals the Fire Warriors had ever had, and today I want to present to you some new additions to the Notable Troops category:

  • Ugly [2021]
  • Pranav [2021]

These two have done an incredible job leading their respective teams in the Marvel themed week, and are both worthy of their names being on that list alongside the likes of our current leaders & legends.

And once again, 

Thank you 1000.


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