Warrior of the Week #4 – Lart Power

First & remost, I apologise for the wait ladies and gentlement. With the preparation of the Marvel week and reaching 1,000 members we’ve all been a little bit busy.

Hello Fire Warriors, after a very successful themed week and the crowning of Team Iron Man as the ultimate Marvel Champions, it only makes sense that a brand new Warrior of the Week is crowned today; and will also be resumed weekly.

Please continue reading to find out who won this prestigious award!


Lart Power has recently joined the Fire Warriors, only being with us for around two weeks. But after his non-stop contributions towards the themed week; and attending the events we post bi-daily, nobody deserves this award more than him.

If you’ve seen Lart around, you have definitely noticed his joking personality & his winning attitude. Please congratulate him when you see him on the chat; and who knows, maybe you will win next week!


Main Leader

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  1. Sad i cant win WOTW anymore since i already had it. But congarts lart aka fart power lol

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