[EU] Operation: Monke Takeover [RESULTS]

Howdy Fire Warriors,
Yesterday we logged on to Ascent for our cool Monke Takeover where we wore our cute Monkey Costumes. We did amazingly well following the leaders for this event with speedy tactics and powerful formations, bombs, and a lot of funny monkey tactics. This wonderful event was led by a lot of our stunning and beloved HCOM and Leaders, who are Cassie, Conor, Austin, Pran, and Ugly! All did a phenomenal and splendid job leading this event!

Max: 17

size count of 17

-We Rise from the ashes-
Ugly, FW Leader In Training

4 Responses

  1. proud of u guys sadly i wasnt there but dont tell that to the leaders ;-;

  2. Monke!

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