Notable Moments [4/11 – 4/17]

Fire Warriors, glad to see you all again! With another weekend comes another Notable Moments! This last week was stressful, with the themed week of Marvel, from our first Heroes event to the major Team Iron Man vs Team Captain America battle we had on Saturday. Let’s reminisce on some moments that were significant.

New Uniform

Of course, with the April 2021 Catalog coming into CPR, we had to change our uniform to look spicier. This new uniform was one of the most important moments of this week. Our uniform became unique to us and got some substance from this change. We now look fiery on club penguin for real, every time we log on! We no longer look like rogues (xD), finally looking like a respectable army that would have had memberships in the time of the original Club Penguin.

Team Captain America vs Team Iron Man

On April 17th, 2021, Team Captain America and Team Iron Man finally came to the major battle where the two teams faced off in a 1v1, trying to outmatch the others. In the end, Team Iron Man was able to garner 11 troops, while Team Captain America got 6 troops in total. With a larger size and overall better battle tactics than Team Captain America, Team Iron Man was able to take the lead by 200 points.

This week was a stressful week for all, whether you were leading one of the two teams or just a troop in either of them. The number of direct messages received asking to attend must’ve been huge, so I’m leaving the post here, we had many memories together and we will keep having more as time goes on! Watch for events (and promotions) in the upcoming week, can’t wait to see you at more events!!

Keeping the fire bright,


FW 3rd in Command

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  1. I dont really have much to say but this is good: CAPPIN KERMICA FANS = LOSERS ;-; 🙂

  2. Is that it-

  3. The new uniform looks hot!

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