Interviewing the 4th Warrior of the Week: Lart

Howdy Fire Warriors!
Following the winner of the 4th Warrior of the week, Lart! We have decided to do a little interview to get people to know more about his cool personality and his story before he joined the Fire Warriors! And to find out why does he think he deserved the Warrior of the Week Title.

Interview with the fourth WOTW and Corporal, Lart

First and Foremost, Congrats on you being the 4th Warrior of the Week. Tell us more about yourself!

I am 16. I started off my Club Penguin Career in Doritos Gaming. Even though I didn’t even know what it was, by the time the Doritos retired from their Army days, I created a CPR account. Begging for them to come back, I knew it was impossible, so I went inactive on my CPR account. Got invited to Fire Warriors, had use for my account. And now, look where I am today.

Very interesting! What was your reaction when you first realized you got the Warrior of the Week title?

I logged onto discord, and I got so many pings, I read through the announcements channel of FW and found out that I got Warrior of the Week. I was surprised, because I didn’t know you guys did WOTW. I went into general and people were congratulating me. I was very happy, almost too happy. My eyes were actually filled with tears.

That’s very wholesome! Next question is what do you think made you special out of everyone to be the Warrior of the Week?

Well- I was a little competitive about the Marvel Week. Though I was not at every event, I did make a statement of points toward my team. I attended a lot of the events.
Very cool! Do you have a question you wanna ask for the next Warrior of the Week? It could be anything!
What are you going to do to celebrate your title?
Thank you for your time Lart! Is there anything else you’d wanna add?
Yes. I’m from an alternate reality. The only reality.

What do YOU think? Who do YOU think will be titled as the next Warrior of the Week? Let us know your thoughts below!


Ugly, FW Leader in Training
Lart, Warrior of the Week, Corporal

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  1. Great interview lart!

  2. i think they should make more people in charge of the server too, and I think they need to add nitro fro each person

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