Re-ignition Review #1

[4/18 – 4/24]

Hello Fire Warriors!! Hope you guys had a good week till now! We had a busy(and fun) week with multiple events, as shown in the post. We also had game events on quite a few days, and overall enjoyed ourselves yet again. Thanks to everyone who continues to come to events and recruit!

Event Statistics

AUSIA Average: 10
EU Average: 16
US Average: 11


[EU] Operation: Monke Takeover – 

MAX: 17

[EU] Operation: Octoplushy Overload

MAX: 18

[AUSIA] Operation: AUSIA Enhancement

MAX: 10

[US] Operation: Grizzly

MAX: 11

[EU] Spring Showdown Battle

MAX: 14


Keeping the Fire Bright,


FW 2nd in Command

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