Interviewing the 5th Warrior of the Week: Klamity

Hello Fire Warriors,
Yesterday we announced the 5th Warrior of the week! Klamity. We’ve reached up with them to do a quick interview about himself for people to know him better and to find out about his awesome character!

Interview with the fifth WOTW and Corporal, Klamity

Firstly, Congrats on you being the 5th Warrior of the Week. Tell us more about yourself!

Thank you thank you, it’s a great honor to be the Warrior of the Week. Well, there’s really not much to talk about myself, I’m just a highschool student who likes to play and socialize on the internet. The first group I joined was DCP in 2019 and after flash was shutdown, Cassie invited me here, and I thank her because this has been a pretty good experience, the people are nice and the events are pretty fun. But yeah, more about myself, my fav music genre is metal, even though I do like most genres. If anyone wants to have a nice chat with me, feel free to start a convo whenever you see me in chat, I’m friendly and I promise that I don’t bite!

Very cool! What was your reaction when you first realized you got the Warrior of the Week title?

I really didn’t expect that at all, it was pretty cool tho!

The next question is what do you think made you special out of everyone in the server to be the Warrior of the Week?

Being honest with you man, I have no idea, I don’t think I stood out in any way. I’m guessing it’s because I participated in most major events since I joined, and well, even tho I don’t really chat much cuz I’m busy, whenever I do, I’m nice and cool towards everyone

Do you have any questions you wanna ask for the next Warrior of the Week? It could be anything!

Hmmm, for the next one? Let’s see, what do you think about penguins? It’s pretty random, welp first thing that came up to my mind

Very cool question! The previous Warrior of the Week Lart, has asked for the next WOTW, and that is you. What are you going to do to celebrate your title?

Totally gonna flex it to whoever I recognize in chat, but I dunno, probably gonna try to be more active and use the title as something for people to approach to me and talk.

Thank you for your time Klamity! Is there anything else you’d wanna add?

Ugly, FW Leader in Training
Klamity, Warrior of the Week, Corporal

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