Club Penguin Rewritten News │Upcoming Items, Operation Swarm Leaks, Medieval Party Cancelled this year!

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In this post, I’ll be showing you interesting stuff about the upcoming parties and some news about the Medieval Party this year and a lot of upcoming items + Updates about their staff/dev team future + Much more. And a leak about the special operation happening this November! Make sure to not miss out on this awesome news by clicking the “Continue Reading” Button!

1) Operation Swarm Leak 

Today Stu, one of the administrators of Club Penguin Rewritten, sent out a photo of the missions that we will be seeing in the Operation Swarm event!

It’s showing that Herbert P. Bear, the main villain of Club Penguin, has placed rocks around the island and you have to drill every one of them to complete the first mission. The missions seem that they are to be a new one unlocked every single day, some have tasks to be unlocked. And from what it looks like, there will be controlled penguins by Herbert, and “they are not to be trusted“, as well as Klutzy being in the operation alongside Herbert as villain partners. Very interesting. Here are some leaks from before that could be similar to what it’s about!

2) Medieval Party Cancelled This Year

Recently it has been said that Medieval Party will, unfortunately, will not be making it this year, and it’s unclear if it’s gonna make a comeback for the next years. This is due to the fact that they ran out of ideas to make the army somewhat special or something new about it, and due to the fact the Prehistoric Party will be occurring in May, so it will collide. Stu then said if it does occur again it won’t be something new or special, it’ll just be a normal annual party. But it’s cleared that it definitely won’t be this May.

3) Upcoming Items

There have been some items that have been confirmed to be coming soon or the next catalog! Let’s take a look at them:

  • The Letterman Jacket

  • Gymnasium Igloo

  • Puffle Cap

  • Bubble Tea (custom item)

  • Food Trays

This one is gonna be interesting because people who work at the coffee shop or pizza parlor can obtain them. CPRewritten also added that they can maybe add a way to earn coins by working at both of those shops. Very interesting ideas!

4) Bug Fixes

Recently there have been a lot of reports about a “Void Igloo” bug that has been happening for a lot of players, and Stu said it had to do something with the Easter Egg Hunt icon or something. Today it has been finally fixed! Here are all the changelogs:

  1. Removed Easter Egg Hunt icon
  2. Fixed Deluxe Blue and Deluxe Candy Igloos
  3. Fixed Easter Egg Hunt Location
  4. Internal bug fixes

That’s all for today’s post. From what it looks like CPRewritten is starting to put more and more people to their Staff/Artist team and reaching out to more Developers! They said many times that their plan is to get many Devs/Artists to help them bring parties/catalogs…etc faster! The lack of Devs is most likely what made them cancel a lot of events/parties that were supposed to hit by now such as the Operation Swarm event, but hopefully, with a matter of time, they can hopefully bring us the expected Parties and probably much more! Thank you for reading through, and hope we have delivered the news for you! If you have any opinions about our posts Make sure to leave a comment down below!


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