Club Penguin Rewritten News│PSA Missions Arriving Back, Upcoming Parties Votes, Fruit Customes Code.

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Recently there has been a lot of news about CPRewritten, such as the debate of the Medieval Party coming back or not this year, and a new blog post showing the future parties that might be occurring this year! And some Fruity Costumes coming back as a code + a Graduation Cap that might be coming back soon! Read more about the information by clicking the “Continue Reading” button!

1) PSA Missions Progression

Today the CPRewritten twitter tweeted footage of the PSA Training Missions with the caption “Working on bringing something back“, obviously hinting at working on releasing the PSA Missions soon! 

It also appears it doesn’t look like the old style of the PSA Missions, but more of a modern-looking style! Very interesting!

2) Upcoming Party Voting

Recently CPRewritten released a new blog showing a couple of parties they want to bring back, and they want to get opinions and feedback on any of the returning ones they might want to release this year. The parties are:

    1) 101 Days of Fun

The 101 Days of Fun was a special event made hosted by the CPRewritten Staff for the Summer Holidays.
Every day, there would be a new challenge to do, such as helping penguins find a pin. When you were seen doing this by a Moderator, you would be rewarded 1,001 coins. The Club Penguin Times would state what the challenges would be for each week. Although there were no decorated rooms.

     2) Island Adventure Party: Festival of Fruit

Where 2 teams, Team Pirate and Team Captain have to collect as many barrels of cream as possible. A lot of decorated rooms were at this party and a lot of free items. Rockhopper was also the Mascot of this party.

3) The Festival of Lights.

The plot of this party is an Eclipse hit the island, and penguins were able to travel to the highest mountain to see the very cool Eclipse and to get the Jet Pack. The best things about this party were the music, night sky, and fireworks, which gave such an awesome vibe to the party! Jet Pack Guy was the mascot of this awesome party!

People want each of the parties back according to the feedback given in the blog comments, so hopefully, they can bring them all back!

3) Fruit Costumes

After they released the blog, they followed up on Twitter that Island Adventure Party: Festival of Fruit 

These images just example designs as there are plenty more; it is not known exactly which of the fruit costumes will be available.

4) Graduation Cap

There’s a probability that the Graduation Cap might return soon. A user on Twitter asked CPRewritten if they can bring it back due to his graduation, CPRewritten said they might return it if it’s a good amount of people.



That’s all for today’s post! It seems that CPRewritten will be bringing the Medieval Party back due to many comments from the community regarding the sadness after they heard that there isn’t a Medieval Party this year. The team’s decisions changed quickly, Stu said:

I did state previously that probably wasn’t actually caught on the blog post if people did want Medieval then I could find a way to bring it back but definitely not in May

So the conclusion is:
– The Medieval Party won’t be on May
– It will still be somewhere around this year probably
– It won’t be that big like the earlier ones before

That’s all we can gather, thank you for reading through! Hope we have informed you about what’s going on currently on CPRewritten!


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