Cassie Sabotages Fire Warriors Events!!!!

Unknown Server, Pran’s Desk-Hello Fire Warriors, I come to you today with grave news: Cassie, our “wonderful” owner of the server, has been sabotaging recent events. Why is she being so sneaky though?

Note: All of the following information came from an unmentioned source that totally exists, none of this information is false pls believe me!!

This phenomenon started soon after the April 1st event, which she had to solo-lead due to Conor, our acting godfather, sleeping, and AustinFraud not being there. Since then, Cassie has been silently crippling our events. It started with the silent coup of Pandor, an FW veteran, and amazing recruiter. To the rest of us, it seemed like Pandor had simply retired from the Fire Warriors to find his home in Club Penguin Armies. However, to those of us who know better, Cassie had actually couped one of our best recruiters to 1) cripple our recruiting force, and 2) destroy our event max.

Cassie then turned the server into furries with the Monke event, the Grizzly event, the Stomp, Stomp, Stampede event, and the famous OWA OWA event. There are only two other people in this army’s CPPS history that I know supported furries this much: Sid and our former leader Ot_ter, who in fact turned the staff server of another army, the Tree Cult, into a furry shop after it fell out of use! There cannot be clearer evidence than this that Cassie is evil and must be stopped. However, this is not all the evidence that I, the amazing Pran, have found.

Her most recent attempt at obstructing our event was today, during the amazing Balloon Takeover. During this event, Conor was unable to lead and came late, and he could not find Cassie to ask to help lead the event. This was due to Cassie hiding on invisible to pretend as if she was gone. Due to this, no server was called until 3:45 PM EST, just 15 minutes before the event was supposed to start:

Totally unedited screenshot of Cassie being “late”

More importantly, Cassie popped all of our balloons and didn’t even care about our feelings afterward:

Another unedited screenshot of Cassie being rude to troops

I asked a few troops, Austin and Cassie herself about this suspicious behavior, to see what the rest of the army thinks(edited solely for grammar purposes):

Me: Do you think that Cassie sabotages events regularly and if so, what do you feel about this?

Austin: I logged onto Ascent, Iceberg as per my commander’s orders with my new orange balloon at 11:40 pm. I was said to sit in a UPSIDE DOWN T formation and I did so, i saw many Fire Warriors at the event also having their new orange balloon. I was extremely happy to hold the strings of my balloon as I shouted the tactics. That’s when I saw someone by the name XxQtCassieXx, my hands were trembling, my legs were shaking as they walked by me to sit on the formation. It was until we went to the Snow Forts, she had a scissor hidden in her angry octopus plushy. She went on and cut everyone’s strings except for Sweater’s balloon strings. I was very sad as I looked up watching my balloon float away to the sky. I cried and cried and cried. She DOES sabotage events, and we must put a stop to this. Austin’s Aces must rise up and take on Cassie Cuties + Conor’s cult. THIS IS AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE, THIS IS WAR, I REPEAT, THIS IS WAR! We will not take this slander anymore, we must stand up and rise to defend.

Sid: HECK YEAH?? (even though i haven’t been at the event ) cassie is such a big noob and she’s literally so evil??? all of this is the truth btw don’t listen to anyone else because IM RIGHT. cassie like always bullies people in fire warriors for NO reason??? like not cool dude?? and then she just forces her furry culture onto us like wtf… kinda rude !! what if we don’t wanna be furries cassie, huh? ever stop to think about that. I am a very wise person and is just looking out for fire warriors and I can tell all of you that cassie is an evil evil evil person, VERY evil. She’s so nooby too man, and she smells, I can smell her all the way from here In conclusion, cassie sucks and she’s gonna keep sabotaging us so I suggest we all coup her and make ME leader and owner of the server !! Cassie if you read this transfer ownership NOW. I demand it

Pran Edit: Don’t transfer ownership to Sid, she is not trustworthy, but yes Cassie should be couped!!!!!

Real: Cassie broke Austin’s feelings:ragecry~1: Popping a “20+ year old kids” balloon isn’t right #coupcassie:ragecry~1:

Jayde: i think it’s not fair, it makes me feel really sad

The Villain herself, Cassie: It’s all part of my revenge plan for when I was left to solo-lead on April 1st by Austin and Conor. Chaos forever.

It is up to you to believe this, but as all the people, including the noob Sid, pointed out, Cassie is EVIL, she is RUINING our events, and she MUST be couped as soon as possible. Investigative Reporter Pran will always be on the lookout for people like this, and bring the news to YOU!

~~Investigative Reporter Pran, Fire Warriors 2nd in Command~~

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  1. #COUPCASSIE!!!!

  2. Yes, Investigative Reporter Pran shpuld get at the bottom of this!

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