Club Penguin Rewritten News │PSA Merge w/ EPF, New Baseball Field, Graduation Party Sneak Peek

Howdy Fire Warriors

In this post I’ll be showing you some important news about the approaching updates that will hit the island very soon. Some massive changes in the EPF/PSA, a new room for the stadium, and a upcoming rare item for the next catalog! Check more by clicking the “Continue Reading” button!

1) PSA’s Merge w/ EPF

The PSA has been set to be abolished and removed.   


2) New Stadium Baseball Field


3) Graduation Party Sneak Peek

Very recently today, Stu has posted a community post on their blog talking about the Graduation Party and released with it a small sneak peek of one of the rooms that will be available in the party.

Here is a sneak peek of (one) of the Graduation party rooms…

From what it looks like there is going to be more then one decorated rooms for this party. The Dance Lounge will be a small decorated place where everyone can obtain a Purple Graduation Hat for free.

4) Purple Viking Helmet

After many requests and suggestions on their discord server for this item to come back… it has been confirmed on twitter that the rare Purple Viking Helmet that hasn’t been released in the catalog for more then a year is making a comeback next catalog! So people could expect having this item on their inventory very soon!

That’s all for today’s post. Hope you all enjoyed! The CPRewritten has stated that a lot is happening behind the scenes, such as adding new artists to their team, and improving development. This can mean that they’re gonna have a much smoother schedule happening soon as they get more used to the HTML5 environment. See you in the next news post!


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  1. WOOOOO! Can’t wait for the Stadium update!

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