[EU] Find Four Tournament [RESULTS]

Howdy Fire Warriors,

Today we logged on our most notabale server in the server list, Ascent. To prepare for our awesome Find Four Tournamentwe did a series of rapid tactics and formations and some spectacular bombs through out the pre event led by our most known AustinFraud and Leader-In-Training Ugly! We then head down to the ski lodge where everyone was set against each other in a massive tournament, winner takes all!

Max: 13

Here is how the tournament went:


Tournament layout / Round 1

Round 2 / Semi Finals

Round 3 / Finals

And the winner of our glorious Find Four Tournament is UGLY. 

After a very intense and hard long battle with Conor; FW Acting Godfather, Ugly was able to win in the finals and get the Connect Four God Trophy. 

Thanks to everyone who has attended this awesome tournament! Make sure to bring some witch brooms for next week because its gonna be mystical!


FW Leader-In-Training

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