Penguin Secret Agency – Mission 2: “G’s Secret Mission” Full Guide

“Secret Agent G has your mission in the sports shop.

You will be asked to prove you are an agent before he assigns you the mission.”

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The Secret Mission “G’s Secret Mission” starts with the player inside the Sports Shop that our friend Gary owns. You can scroll left & right to look around the shop. To proceed through the mission, you must click Gary where you will have to solve his little riddle to prove you’re an agent.

To find the secret word look near a lively game; pointing to a path with a rabbit in its name.

I know this one! You must click your map and head to Ski Mountain, you will then click the code map in the middle of the mountain. Then bring up your code tab at the bottom right, and translate the one to the very right. It will translate to “Mogul”.

Go back to Gary at the Sports Shop, click on him and type the secret word. He will proceed to show you a Prototype Sled. The mission now is to test his sled to check if it’s safe or not. Grab the Sled and head to the Mountain Hill, grab the sled out of your inventory, and put it on the “Test Run” sign. Confirm you wanna do the mission.

You will now be using your mouse to control the Sled, use the snow ramps to jump over the wood, and watch out for obstacles… Uh oh, looks like you are really losing control…

Oh? You have crashed? Well, fear not! That’s all part of the mission. You will then wake up and find yourself in the wild.

Don’t panic just yet! You will find a Survival Guide book, grab it, and hover to your left to grab a piece of string that was leftover from the Sled. What a poor thing.

Head up to where you can find an ‘O’ berry bush, grab a lot of those, you will need them later! Head up again where you can see an already cut tree. Woah those are a lot of Puffles having fun! Maybe we can play too, click on the puffles. Oh no! Unfortunately, we have scared all the puffles away… except one! It seems grumpy, give it an ‘O’ berry so it can be your new friend. The Puffle will now follow you around, this will be helpful soon…

Head back to the ‘O’ berry bush, you will see a pot in one of the trees in that room. Click the tree a couple of times until the pot falls down, then grab it. Hover to the left and go to that river, you will find a piece of wood that is good to start a fire up. Head to the cave. Then go right. Then left.

You will find a bush and an oak tree lying in the snow. You notice a broken ski in the bush, grab it, it will be useful later. Go to the left, you will find yourself at the head start. Go up to the ‘O’ berry bush again. Then back to the river.

Use your pot at the river to grab some water, it’s freezing cold! But we can warm it up later… Click the ski that you just found out, put it with the string you found at the start, then merge it again with an ‘O’ berry. You now got yourself a self-made fishing pole.

Use your new fishing pole at the river, there are some tasty fish in there! Wait a couple of seconds then boom! You got yourself a new meal, grab the fish, and put it in your inventory

Head down to the cave again, click the bushes that are holding its entrance. Once you are inside hover a bit to the right then click any of the rocks laying around, they will form a circle around an area so we can start the fire.

Grab the piece of wood you’ve found earlier and put it in the campfire. Oh, the Survival Guide book? You don’t need that anymore, why would I be here if it was for that. Put the Survival Book in the In there, it will tear apart into the fire… this is really accurate to the world today… Anyways. Oh wait, we don’t have any materials to start a fire up… Maybe our little friend here could help us out. Grab an ‘O’ berry from your inventory and feed it to our Puffle friend! Nicely done little buddy, we now got a fire going! 

Put the fish in the fire and wait for it to cook, that’s the meal of today. Put the pot of water in the fire, the water is now clean and boiled, which should keep the thirst away. You are now full and will go for a little sleep, it been a long day…

Woah, you woke up to a loud sound outside, and our little friend is gone. We must investigate, let’s go outside and see what is happening…

Would you look at that? It’s the Tactical Lead of the Elite Penguin Force, Jet Pack Guy! He has seen the smoke of the fire coming out of the cave and came to see what happened. You explain to him what happened and how you got here, he is very impressed with your work and will now take you back to Gary! Hooray! Hopefully, we can see our little friend again one day…

Once now you have finished talking with Gary, you will successfully finish your 2nd Mission, a great work agent. I wonder what’s next?

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