Club Penguin Rewritten: Mountain Expedition FULL GUIDE

Greetings Fire Warriors




Here’s how you can complete the obsticales to reach the Top of The Mountain!
First things first, head to the Ski Village where you will se a decorated room designed in a camp fire style and there is a big entrance in the top showing the Mountain Expedition. Really cool decoration.

After you move past the entrance room, you will find yourself at a entrance block to another room. All you need to do is click each icicles. Once you have done that the entrance will slowly open making you able to reach to new room.

The next room doesn’t have any obsticales in it to fix, you can continue your journey to the other room! Here is what the room looks like:

Next room you’ll find a little puzzle you will have to do before proceeding to the next room! Here is exactly what you have to do, follow these steps carefully:

  1. Click the axe in the snow
  2. Click it again next to the tree
  3. Wait for it to fall down 
  4. Throw a snowball at the icicles
  5. Head to the right where the tree log will fall down

And voila! You have made yourself on the Top of The mountain! Once you have reached it, you will get yourself the Mountaineer stamp. There’s also a couple of items to collect while you are there:

  • Red FlagWalk into it and it’ll tell you you’ve got it!

Here is all the other decorated rooms. Not many are there, only the Town and Plaza because the main party is all about the Mountain Expedition, but it’s always cool to see the main rooms decorated as always, especially the Town:

That pretty much sums up this awesome party! It still has that cozy ambiance that not many parties have, really has a calm music/vibe to it, this type of stuff makes the party way better! Thank you for reading, stay tuned for more CPRewritten news in the near future!


FW Leader-In-Training

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