Club Penguin Rewritten News │New Upcoming Cardigan, May Catalog Sneak Peeks, Stamp Book Almost Completed!

Greetings Fire Warriors

In this post i’ll be showing you a series of information coming from CPRewritten that might help you get a closer idea of what is expected to happen in the island. Many such as May’s Catalog which is arriving very soon and some outfits and items coming along with it, and some information about the stamp book which has been requested alot and asked to come back, we got a word from CPRewritten. Click the “Continue Reading” button to find out!

1) Upcoming Coloured Cardigan:

A sneak peek has been released of a upcoming cardigan item in CPRewritten! It’s another completely custom item designed by a artist in the team called Moo, a staff member and a artist for the game, and it has several different colours showing on it, here’s how it looks:

We still don’t know when this cardigan will be released, but it’s probably a item within the next Penguin Style Catalog soon. Talking about the Catalog, we got some info on that too…

2) May Catalog Sneak Peeks:

Another sneak peek, that is the Penguin Style cover for this month! It looks like the catalog will contain items that are related to the Prehistoric Party, one of them are the Cheap Time Travel Hat and Black Tie which are featured on the cover, and they are most likely gonna be in the catalog aswell. Take a look:

And a little outfit that will be in May’s Catalog, the Ski Patrol Outfit is to Return this Month for the Penguins At Work tab! Here’s how it looks:

Saraapril in Club Penguin: 11/27/09

No estimated time of release on the Penguin Style Catalog nor the Prehistoric Party yet, but it should most probably be around mid-to-late may. One more thing, the Prehistoric Party will have no games like the one in 2013 where you could play games and collect stamps and it will just be a roleplay party like the Noir Party. Speaking about stamps…

3) Stamp Book Almost Completed:

The Stamp Book release is set to being released again when Gary starts giving out his new Background for the Mountain Expedition party the CPRewritten team said, here’s what seems to be a sneak peek of Gary’s new background for the currently happening party:

Appears to be Gary at the bottom of the Tallest Mountain, very cool!

That’s all for today’s post. If we find any news, then the fire will keep you on the move! Thank you for reading!!


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