[EU] Operation 9 and 3-4 [Results]

Howdy Fire Warriors!

This week has begun with our Second Themed Week of this army! Fire Warriors: Harry Potter Week. 
We logged on to Ascent where we performed a phenomenal job in our tactic rapidity and sharp formations that were held on this event, with our fearsome hard hats and amazing leading we were able to max 17. Starting this week with a bang! Thanks to all the Warriors that came to this victorious event! Our 3 big leagues are competing for the title of the best wizardry school. Hogwarts, Durmstrang, Beauxbatons. With Durmstrang being currently in the big lead. Who do you think will win? Find out at the end of the week…

Max: 18

Event count of 18








Massive respect to everyone that took these pictures for the event, y’all the best!

Flamin’ Hot!


FW Leader In Training
Durmstrang Acting Leader

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