Penguin Secret Agency – Mission 3: “Case of the Missing Coins” Full Guide

The coins have gone mission from the vault in the Gift Shop.

Report to the Gift Shop to investigate. Another agent will meet you there.”

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The Mission begins with you being near a vault with a fellow agent in your team called “Rookie”. Click on him and he will talk to you about him being new to the secret agency and the coins being stolen from the vault.

Keep clicking untill he shows you that the vault’s secure and it can’t be pierced through it, ask him to open it back again. The vault will then be locked and Rookie sadly doesn’t remember the combination code! Ask him where you might find the code, he will guide you to the manager’s office.

Enter the Office and keep going to the right untill you see a sofa, click the little thing peeping from below the sofa, you will then see a computer disk and a paper clip, pick both of them into your inventory.

Go to the computer in the same room, and put the computer disk in the computer, wait for it to load up, it will then show you a dossier called “My Files”. Click it then click “Combination_Number”, it will show you a list of numbers and letters, remember the numbers, keep in mind that every person has a different number. Go back to the vault, enter the first number you’ve seen in the top one, second number in the right one, third number in bottom one, fourth number in the left one, then click confirm.

Go inside, you’ll find a bunch of coins stuck to the roof. End your talk with Rookie then you will get a phone call from Gary, he will ask you to visit him. Click your EPF phone in your inventory then click “Visit HQ”. Click Gary and he will tell you about a discovery he found, he will tell you to look in the vault’s camera, click it. You will see that the coins have magically turned upside down into the roof, strange.

Gary will tell you to visit the roof for information, end the conversation then click on him again, he will tell you that the roof door is locked, grab the key on the very top left from the drawer that he will show you. Open your map then go to the Gift Shop, Keep heading right untill you see the office, then head left untill you see the roof door, grab your key from your inventory and open the door up.

You will see a strange magnet machine pulling the coins up, you’ll see some fur in the vents… sus, grab the fur, and open your inventory to select your EPF phone, click the tools button and grab the wrench.

Use it on the ‘Powa Box’. You will then be able to see a bunch of wires inside the machine, click there. Use the paper clip you found before in there, it will then start breaking up, and the machine will shut down.

Go back to the vault, you will find all the coins back to normal on the floor again with rookie being piled on by the coins that fell off. Go back to Gary and tell him what happened, then give him the fur you found on the vent.

He will then tell you that the Night Club power just went down, grab the flashlight on a bit to the right, then go investigate what happened. Use that flashlight on the night club to see, keep heading right untill you see a secret door in one of the music players, enter it.

Head all the way to the right to find the fuse box, click that and you will find some green buttons and red buttons. Easiest way to do this is by clicking the right button, then left, then upper, then middle. That should do the trick!

The lights are back on, head back to the HQ by using your EPF phone. Tell Gary that you fixed the lights, and you will complete the mission! Good job agent.

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