[EU] Operation: Come Along With Beauxbatons [RESULTS]

Hey Fire Warriors,

Today, we logged on Crystal wearing our fancy Beauxbaton outfits to stage our rapid tactics and formations and hefty bombs performing greatly as always! The end of the week is reaching an end, and our 3 leagues are still competing to see who shall win this week’s themed week, with Durmstrang being in a big lead at the moment. But the battle isn’t over yet. The teams will participate in a Yule Ball this sunday finding out who is the best dancer, and which is the best wizardy school. Find out at the end of the week…

Max: 18

18 pic

clean triangle formation we formed

Huge thanks to the Event Photographers, you guys really help out <3

Flamin’ Hot


FW Leader In Training
Durmstrang Acting Leader

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