Notabale Moments: [5/10 – 5/17]

Hello fellow toddlers, also known as the Fire Warriors Troops. It is me, the one and only, Ugly. It looks like pran has retired from making these Notabale Moments posts, so we got ya boy Ugly the Dictator-In-Training doing these posts now, now I don’t wanna see any crying in chat especially you Sid. I’ll be showing you a couple of funny and dumb moments from various people in this army happened this week! Let’s take a look.

Sid messing up (everything) the Game Times

Well fire warriors, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but apparently we have this 3ic in our server also known as, The Noob Queen AKA Sid that just doesn’t do anything right, messes up the game time by ONE HOUR before event, so bad. From this moment, me and pran have decided to team up on Sid’s team, the beatboxers also known as “beauxbatons”. We’ve had enough of sid’s stupidity to this army and we can’t take it anymore. I mean she can’t even fricking talk for 5 seconds without miss spelling a word, and then seconds later says that she gets bullied for no reason while she calls everyone a noob in the same minute. Also, you wanna hear the biggest lie in history? I think today is the day. Sid says everytime that she wins in the game events of the themed week, yet she literally is 500 points behind durmstrang. My crusty old 1970 computer can calculate better then Sid’s whole math knowledge. You can legitimately ask her who is the creator of Ice Warriors, and she will say something like, “bruh idk… G90?” It has come to the point where I question my own existance. But at the end of the day, sid is not just a noob, sid is OUR noob.


Durmstrang Vs. Hogwarts Vs. Beauxbatons

On May 10th, 2021, Ugly and some couple Durmstrang boys have had enough of Hogwarts and Beauxbatons shit, and all their talk about how they are the best wizardy school. So they declared war on all of them for a 1 v 1 v 1. Both of them agreed, and they battled it out for 1 week to see who is truly the best wizardy school. After the long stressful week, Durmstrang proved they are the best school out of each 3 and proved everyone wrong. Durmstrang celebrated their victory with a bunch of trash talking in chat. Classic.

A Moment To Talk About Fire Warriors Troops

Chat. It has become apparent that a degenerative brain disease is storming among chat these days called “Cringe”. Just look at these toddlers in chat either having a keystroke or trying to spell something for 5 hours just to see them write that 4 letter word, or chat asking to toggle reactions on their name, or chat doing the ?afk command just to come back 5 seconds later. Like holy shit, I never seen an army this dumb, spamming E in chat. Man, what happened to the old days…..

And it’s all your fault Mr. Austin, or should I say, Mr. Candice dick fit in your mouth. Luckily I am an expert at these type of cringe situations that means I know how to solve this problem. We can only stop these toddlers by spamming “Dead Chat :cringe: :joy:”, “Dead Chat :cringe: :joy:” while simultaneously asking the leaders to ping Fiery Chat. Also I heard Austin likes Wendy’s over KFC…? Wendys nuts dangling in your mouth. :joy: .

And now it’s time for the bad news. This anime ass looking leader you see in the top right of the server right now, is a Dumb. Ass. OMEGALUL. I mean, what is that shit? This guy tells staff that they are the next leader, while looking at them from a 25 story building, and saying AUSIA is the best division of FW, while getting 13 max on it every single event. And then he does the same thing he does every week, is sending a anime girl gif and talking about how hot she is just to forget about it the next day.

So FW chat, If you see this message, there’s only one thing to do to save yourself from becoming a spamming toddler, which could lead to Permenant Keystrokes, total virginity, and Army addiction. You need to spam “Welcome :tlWaving:” whenever a new member joins and whenever cassie is not around, “Welcome :tlWaving:”.


FW Leader In Training

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  1. LOL memories for sure! 🙂


  3. also forgot again, spell notable correctly… dont say notable…

  4. imagine if sid sees this tho..

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