Hello Fire Warriors, today I’ve finally made my mind up on one of the hardest questions I’ve ever faced in armies and I have ultimately decided the best thing for me and where I am is to retire today. If you would rather not read this full post, and trust me I don’t blame you, the reason is simply a lack of motivation to continue & timings. I’m not having nearly as much fun leading anymore as I am with other things I’m doing in my life, such as playing games or going out.

I first hinted in the leadership group chat that I think the end of my road was nearing a few days ago, but I ultimately decided to attempt to push past this and keep going. This was not the correct choice. I absolutely adore all of you within Fire Warriors, all of the higher command, staff, members – all of you. But I don’t feel motivated to do anything anymore. Even something as basic as logging on I just don’t feel anything with it anymore – and then of course there’s all the other responsibilities which I am just not having fun doing. If you take anything away from this post, it’s that if you are not enjoying yourself, you should definitely not be forcing yourself to try and enjoy it.

In my eight years of Club Penguin Armies, I have made some incredible friendships with a lot of incredible people. Of course, with that, there have been some not so great people I’ve had to encounter in my time here but that honestly has not ruined the experience at all. If you get along with everybody, then it just isn’t as fun in my opinion. There will be shoutouts towards the end of the post if you’re curious to see them, but if not that’s okay. We’re almost done with the opening of this post, and I just really want to highlight some key moments in my career because who knows? It might help inspire some of you, to know that if someone like me can do what I have done, then you can too.


I was first recruited into the Ice Warriors in May of 2013, but would be there for no longer than five minutes before Ganger90 recruited me into SWAT. From there, I was duel enlisted in SWAT & Dark Warriors, and I would continue my journey for four weeks before ultimately deciding armies aren’t for me. I did meet somebody pretty integral to the early parts of my career though – Memmaw.

After I had left armies in May of 2013, I rejoined in January 2015. Memmaw had messaged me about his army that seemed to have been doing well and I joined the community, and Takis, that day. However, some things just aren’t meant to be and I made some stupid accusations (I told everybody Takis multilogged despite not even knowing what that was at the time) – and ultimately was fired, where I would then go on to rejoin the SWAT Army.

I ranked up to moderator in SWAT & would spend time getting to know different people there – namely Ganger90, Badboy, Subster, Dwain, Ryan, etc. After learning the ropes a bit, and the SWAT Army closing down, I would spend the next year or so in a small medium army called Shadow Reacon. We were the at the top of the SM Community when we wanted to be, and I met some lifelong friends there – some of which I still regularly keep up to date with. My OG CPA career was really nothing to write home about, but it was still pretty fun and after about a year of Shadow Reacon I would go on to rejoin SWAT as a Leader, for a quick generation in April 2016 that didn’t last that long.

In December of that year, I joined the Doritos as a 3ic. I met some really great friends in DCP while I was there, mostly Possum, 13yearoldn00b and boltflash. December 2016 – March 2017 was a blast with all of them, but as we all know Club Penguin closed and I left the community. I did come back a few times mostly to meme and troll but nothing concrete until December, 2019. If any Doritos are reading this, not that they probably care but in recent times some of you seem to think I don’t like Doritos? I don’t have any problems with any of you except Maroon.

I rejoined the Doritos in December 2019, starting at the very bottom rank – Private. From there I worked my way up to Staff again (a lot harder to do this time around because I was competing with literally hundreds of people) and it was pretty fun, but it wasn’t like the last time around. Eventually after a while; I was invited to lead with PINK & Brad in an army called Mayhem, where we would go on to get #2 on the official Top Ten and max 40+.

We soon closed Mayhem, and merged into DCP but I wasn’t really wanting to go back. I joined Dark Warriors as a third in command and stayed there until I was offered the biggest opportunity I have ever received in armies.

SWAT was reviving, and I was offered to lead with Zuke, S Cargo2 & Jaylen. Of course I immediately accepted and together we would form the single best SWAT generation to DATE. We would consistently max 60+ at every event, and in our very first battle against the Underground Mafias Army we hit 100+.

That was really fun but eventually Badboy merged us into DCP after a whole host of messes. After this, I floated around for a while before recreating Fire Warriors, where I have been really ever since.

I kind of rushes this towards the end because I want this post out, but basically I’ve been in multiple armies in higher spots & have been a key component to running a major army, something 9 year old me would be proud of.


It wouldn’t feel right to end this post of without shouting out several people who have made this all feel worth it.

Cassie – you are my rock. Everything we’ve done together in the past nearly four months here has been nothing short of incredible. We’re an unstoppable duo, but I have no doubts you’ll be able to continue going without me in the leadership, alongside Austin & Simmonds when he returns.

Austin – I’m really glad we’ve become pretty good friends. Thank you for accepting my invite to Fire Warriors, you’ve been nothing short of amazing to lead with. I hope you keep grinding and I hope with you and Cassie leading that Fire Warriors will reach major in no time.

Simmonds – We met in SWAT, and I’m really glad we did. We only led together there for two weeks but I knew we had to do it again. I’m glad we did. You’re an awesome dude and an excellent leader and you no doubt deserve SM Legend for your work in SWAT, Elites, FW, etc. Hopefully you don’t get screwed next elections.

Mythic – An incredible guy. A near day 1, considering we met when I rejoined Doritos in December 2019. You’ve been nothing short of supportive and you’re 100% one of my favourite people on here. I hope to see you in the Doritos leadership soon, because you’d own this war.

So, yeah. These four are the main four I’ve spoken to over the past few months but the following list of names have definitely made some kind of impact:

Cassie, Austin, Simmonds, Mythic, Ugly, Haley, Rach, Sc2, Zuke, Agent 11, 32op, Maroon, Ivy, Kristina, Pranav, Darci, Goul, Jayde, Lart, Pandor, Amber, Erika, Brooke, Marissa, Rah, Wassim, Aubz, Mare, G90, Badboy, Sophy, Sid, Andrew24, Freezie66, Regan, Reallol, Elsa, DugDug, Hoax, Jess, Dizzy, Tazzy, Semi, Pringle64, Pochoma123, Avery, Mangoes, Dino, Turtles, W33b, William, Zeenie, Zambi, LuciferStar, Eden, Security, Jaylen, Lukey, Xing, Cobra, Flame, Zeke, Sava, FabGirl, Sage, Abi, Caitlin, Spotty, Cliff, Epic101, Fusion, Komal, Kehato, Tsanami, Legoman, Leila, Meggerz, Possum, Kio, Scorpion, Supreme, Tia, Shallissa, Vivala, Panini, Kaliee, FireStar, Sophie 1 & 2, and so many, many more.

I truly appreciate everybody I’ve ever met on here; whether we have good relations or not.


swat legend/leader

sra legend/leader

fw legend/leader

mayhem leader

dcp lit

dw 2ic


Be Phenomenal or Be Forgotten

Thanks for everything.



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  1. we will miss you man. we love you and ty for being apart of fw. :salute:

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