[EU] Yule Ball – Results

Hi Fire Warriors!!

We logged onto Crystal for the fancy Yule Ball, with our dates, in our best suits, dresses, and robes. We did a few tactics, and then went into the Night Club for a fun competition. The winners were:

Best Couple: Ugly & Kio
Best Single: Sid
Best Dressed: AustinFraud
Funniest Person: Lart
Saddest Loner: Lafille

We had a maximum of 15 people logged on for this ending to a great themed week! Afterward, the winner of this themed week was announced as Durmstrang School of Magic. Congrats, and hope to see you at all future events!

Max: 15


Thanks to anyone that took pictures at this beautiful event! You guys are the best, and your efforts are not unnoticed!

Keeping the Fire Bright,


FW 2nd in Command

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