[EU] Operation: Capture The Flag [RESULTS]

What’s up Fire Warriors?
Today, we logged on to our most selected server, Ascent! Starting off at the Iceberg to warm up for some mountain climbing with a few tactics and formations! Quickly moved to the Ski Village where we marched towards the Supply Camp where we put out a series of tactics and bombs, minutes later we found ourselves in the Ice Cavern with an entrance block where we tasked to click all the icicles for it to open so we continue our expedition! After passing by the Base Camps we reached a little puzzle that we had to solve so we finally reach the top. While succeeding in solving the puzzle we found ourselves at the Top of the Mountain to declare a couple of tactics before logging off, maxing a total of. At the end, one of our awesome main leaders Cassie took a group picture! Was a very fun event and all leaders enjoyed participating in it! Don’t forget about our AUSIA practice battle against the Water Vikings this Saturday!

Max: 16


Thanks to all the Event Photographers that took these awesome pics! Especially brenatto who is from our beloved Allies RPF.


FW Leader In Training

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