Notable Moments: [5/17 – 5/24]

Well hello then once again fellow Fire Warriors or should I say Jandor Warriors. I’ll cut to the chase, I barely have any stuff from this week that is retardedly funny. But we have some sad and poggers moments that happened this week, otherwise, I wouldn’t be writing this damn post and wasting my time with these pointless posts.

Conor’s Retirement

I hate to be the Rememberer of awful announcements, but Conor has (once again) retired from this army. Now I really can’t be mean about this one, not for promotional purposes but Conor has been one of our most favourable if not the only leader that most people in FW like. He has been a leader in FW for almost 5 months and has been around the army community for 8 years and it is a very saddening moment for this week to see him retire after all the good friendships and banter. Conor retired due to a lack of motivation and totally not to the horrible jokes Austin makes every day.


Simmond’s Return

I guess we can’t have any bad news without good news. One of the most beloved leaders around FW has constantly made hints to return in the past months, he has finally returned to being active after being frustrated with university for the past 2 to 3 months now! Simmonds now alongside his bad internet wifi is on the roll again to start leading and helping the Fire Warriors out by recruiting a lot! So you might see him often in chat from time to time


Jayde’s “Retirement”

Dr.U(r mom) Has to take over this one since normal individuals can’t explain this much futility.
After Jayde going on a lesbian cruise ship she found herself on a loophole and got nothing but to retire just to come back not even an hour later, I kid you not.
Now Jayde I hope your unintelligent diagnosis is going very well after this one as well as your constant addiction for attention because it’s, unfortunately, going through fatal numbers above the ‘Sid’ mark, yikes, which could lead to permanent brain regression, eternal stupidity, delusional disorder and caps addiction. Now I hope you remember your self-medicine which is constantly telling people that Pandor sucks even tho one time you kept hinting to have a crush on him for half an hour. And often saying degenerate stuff like Germs of CP max 5145679874 even tho their server doesn’t even have 10 people, to begin with.
If these medicines not followed then the following problems might occur, those are Brain Malfunction, Constant Typos, and Keystrokes, E spamming, And a rare case of Unfunny. So Jayde please next time think about retiring for more than 5 seconds.


FW Leader In Training

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  1. Please do more of these. Also add more memes!!!


  3. Rememberer

    Internet = Wifi, they aren’t two diff things

    alot => a lot

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