[EU] Fire Warriors Vs. People’s Imperial Confederation Practise Battle [RESULTS]

What’s up Fire Warriors?
Today we logged on to our infamous server, Ascent. Preparing to go against our beloved allies P.I.C for a fun little Practise Battle, where our supreme leaders AustinFraud and Cassie carried out the battle with a bunch of fast-paced tactics and neat formations & bombs. The practice battle resulted in the superior Fire Warriors taking home the VICTORY with a 3-0 after hitting a max of 14 troops! It was a very fun battle, massive thanks to the Judges for judging this battle!

Max: 14

Massive thanks to our Specialist Lafilleaveclevisage, and our Warrant Officer Lart Power for taking these neat pictures for this event and to everyone who came to this event, much appreciated.

Keeping the Fire Bright


FW Leader In Training

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