[EU] Operation: Graduation Day! [RESULTS]

Hey Fire Warriors,

Today we logged on to our most honorable server, Ascent. To celebrate with the CPRewritten community the Graduation Party for the people who graduated this year and check out then newly decorated rooms at the Night Club. We were able to perform a lot of great rapid tactics and formations and plenty of shredding bombs followed by the leaders of this event AustinFraud, Cassie, and Simmonds2000. With their great leading, we were able to max an overall 20 troops online! An impressive number of warriors for this week’s event! Tho I’m sure we can achieve higher every event by this summer.

Max: 20


everyone social distancing from cassie

Thanks to every troop that attended the event today and to everyone who took these amazing screenshots. With time we will show everyone that Fire Warriors are the KINGS and not PAWNS.

Keeping the Fire Bright!


FW Leader In Training

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