[AUSIA] Fire Warriors Vs. Silver Empire Practice Battle + Dance Contest [RESULTS]

Hey Fire Warriors!

This week we went against the Silver Empire for a fun Practice Battle and to see who is the best player in the Dance Contest minigame in the hub! Logging on Ascent, we were able to perform a bunch of great tactics and formations Led by Leader In Training Ugly for the first 10 minutes hitting a solid 12 troops online and the Silver Empire maxing around 18 penguins online, clearly having more troops than us and more fast-paced tactics. After the practice battle, we went to decide who is the Dance Contest Champion between the 2 armies for the rest of the event by scoring the most amount of points possible in a specific song. Tho we were not able to beat the Silver Empire in the Practice Battle, Ugly was able to place 2nd in most points for the Dance Contest between the two and 1st in Fire Warriors, scoring 18242. Comedy a SE troop placed 1st by scoring 19151. We weren’t able to win but we still tried our best and that is what matters, GG to both armies.

Max: 12

Even tho we lost at this practice battle. We still remain at the top in S/M armies and that’s why are taking the trophy this July!

Keeping the Fire Bright


FW Leader In Training

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