[EU] Fire Warriors Vs. Golden Troops Practice Battle [RESULTS]

What’s up Fire Warriors?

Today we logged on… you guessed it! Ascent! To battle the S/M army Golden Troops in a Practice Battle for fun! We were able to carry out a lot of insane rapid tactics and display much of our cool formations led by the power due AustinFraud and Simmonds2000 and maxing a total of 16 troops online, showing the Fire Warriors massive glory! Tho the Golden Troops didn’t max a lot for this practice battle, being there in the first room but due to Golden Troops not showing up for Room 2, the Fire Warriors have won this practice battle and took home their VICTORY!

Max: 16

Keeping the Fire Bright



FW Leader In Training

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  1. an apple a day, keeps the death away!

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