[EU] Pride Parade [RESULTS]

Hey Fire Warriors,

Today we went on our mission Pride Parade! We logged on our main home Ascent. We celebrated Pride month with an amazing and fun event named Pride Parade! With this event, we celebrated all of our Pride members in the world out there. We were able to perform a lot of great and fast bombs, tactics, and formations followed by today’s event leaders AustinFraud, Cassie, and Simmonds2000. With these absolutely amazing leaders, we managed to get 12 troops online! We are proud of all of those who attended this event. I hope we will hit 30+ troops the next event so Austin’s money will decrease finally. (altho he already owes Cassie like 20 nitros for recruiting) And before we end this beutiful event i would like to give our Trial Officer Lart Power a huge shoutout for making and uploading a youtube video to his channel which will be linked right over here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ea-mbef4vGU 

Max- 12

Fear the Flames


Fire Warriors Trial Officer

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